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Why Online Marketing is a Full-Time Job

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Online marketingOnline marketing requires as much labor and time to generate good results as any other jobs do. If you think the four hours a day you spare for it will suffice, you should think again.

Identifying advertising opportunities

It takes an experienced individual to identify the advertising opportunities in online trends; it takes an even more experienced individual to convert that information to a marketing scheme.

The key lies in visibility and appropriate participation in current trends, may it be showbiz or political, to provide timely resources for their target consumers. Consistency also plays in making your brand stick to people’s minds. A couple of good marketing moves here and there won’t cut it – not in a time when competition comes from all parts of the world and great ideas surface on the web so often.

Producing Newsletters

People grow tired of advertisements popping up left and right whenever they’re surfing the web. This is exactly the reason online marketing experts resort to newsletters.

Newsletters serve as an effective means to indirect selling in an age where people resort to the internet for all the information they need. By using facts as a method of stating needs, companies encourage consumers to find a way to meet those needs through their products and services.

Producing the newsletter’s content comes easier to marketing teams compared to inventing topics worth sharing. There also exists the challenge of working around algorithms that determine the visibility of these newsletters. Simply writing content won’t cut it. It needs to be tailored well to generate responses.

Balancing Art and Science

Pictures attract people more than words do; hence, it’s not uncommon to see nearly every advertising text printed with captivating images. Finding the balance between art and the science behind call to actions takes plenty of research and practice, especially since no one formula applies to all products and services. The patience and risk tolerance required in this field may leave you unable to establish a strong online presence while overseeing the entire company’s performance at the same time.

Due to the influence of the web to every marketing effort, hiring third party organizations to take care of selling your brand and services becomes a practical choice. It’s a full-time job, and simply having a computer, an internet access, and a few social media accounts won’t get you far anymore.

#AmazonCart: Amazon Introduces Shopping Cart To Twitter

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Image by SandisterTei | Wikimedia

Image by SandisterTei | Wikimedia

E-commerce giant Amazon has teamed up with Twitter to extend their shopping experience.

Extending the retail reach

Amazon introduced the new feature that allows Twitter users to add items to their shopping carts by including a special hashtag within a tweet.

Consumers can do so by replying to tweets, which contains a link to an Amazon product, with phrases such as #amazoncart in the US and #amazonbasket in the UK.

“Ultimately it is all about conversations that people are having on various platforms such as Twitter and Facebook about what interests them,” said analyst Sanjana Chappalli of LEWIS Pulse, a company specializing in digital marketing. “Brands are keen to tap into these platforms, not least because they have hundreds of millions of active users.”

Social media platforms for growth

After users connect their Twitter account to Amazon, they will still need to go to Amazon to pay and complete the purchase.

Amazon’s latest move comes as more and more companies are aiming to use social media platforms as a fresh strategy to attract new and potential consumers.

Alibaba Reveals US Flotation Plans

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Chinese Internet retailer Alibaba has announced plans to float in the United States in the largest public offering since Facebook in 2012.

Market debut in the US


Image by Rico Shen

Although the company is little known in the US, Alibaba said the move will make it “a more global company.” It is expected to raise as much as $15 billion.

“Alibaba Group has decided to commence the process of an initial public offering in the United States,” according to the firm’s published statement. “This will make us a more global company and enhance the company’s transparency, as well as allow the company to continue to pursue our long-term vision and ideals.”

IPO listing speculations 

The announcement did not provide details of the timing or size of the flotation or which exchange it would use.

Industry experts said Alibaba’s IPO plans would benefit Yahoo, as it owns a significant amount ofshares and could see the value of its investment grow.

The announcement finally ended months of speculations over where the company would list after discussions for a public offering.

Global Business, One Call Away

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sip trunking servicesMaking international business calls is essential in an increasingly global business environment. Whenever making calls of a confidential nature especially, you need to make sure you have a secure connection to transmit calls and communicate with employees or partners based in other countries. Whilst making the whole process of communication easier, ensuring your communications are secured is essential. If you want to have secure connections, one of the tools you’ll need is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service, which uses VoIP.

SIP trunking technology enables you to connect securely to an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP). Moreover with SIP, companies with a global footprint, often achieve significant savings on their regular communications with their teams across the globe. When considering how to configure any communications infrastructure, it is always crucial to speak to a provider of SIP trunking solutions. Usually providers are more than happy to help determine what system most suits a particular business.SIP trunking systems enable organisations to save money, deliver better customer service and communicate more effectively across the globe. Outlined further are a couple of benefits in more detail.

International Call Solutions

Solutions such as cloud call queuing can ensure proper functionality for your SIP trunk lines. What is it? Cloud call queuing enables an organisation to act as if they’re much larger. Other than that, you’ll be able to stay within reach internally, through other communication lines. This helps if your employees cannot contact you through the main phone system.

Organisations must first set up their business SIP trunking system to redirect their calls to their mobile phones or set up voicemail systems so they can answer their calls as soon as possible. Such solutions let organisations to stay in touch, provide essential support and assistance, especially for important business issues/matters.

Customer Service Made Easier

There are times when customers with concerns need to contact organisations. Manage your own organisations communications with an efficient telephony system that enables your staff to talk to them clearly. SIP trunking can ensure that. It eliminates the need for the maintenance and SIP port of multiple telephone setups. It has been proven to enable organisations to minimise their expenses, whilst providing good foundations for more efficient customer support systems.

It is worth noting that, SIP systems also have a real-time recording function. With call recording, you can monitor the quality of service your customer relations’ staff is providing – maintaining high levels of quality. With this, you’ll inevitably be able to improve your service and become a better organisation in the eyes of your customers.

Managing International Business Practices

A solid connection to your branches, teams and locations in other countries is essential to maintain and encourage further business growth. Learn more about different SIP solutions you can apply to your business processes before you make a decision on how to proceed. Your communications are essential, by doing so, it’ll inevitably help you decide on ways you could improve support functions within your organisation.

Kobo Flattens Its Premium Aura E-Reader

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koboKobo has flattened its premium e-reader line-up to help challenge Kindle.

Classy design, higher price

The new display of the Aura e-reader is designed to help it stand out from rivals, which typically feature a receded screen with a frame.

The gadget is being priced at a premium to Amazon’s competing Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch.

Kobo made the latest Aura cheaper than the previous version, which is now the same price as Sony’s PRSS-T2 Reader, but higher than Amazon’s bestselling Kindle.

Analysts said the dedicated e-reader market is declining faster than predicted because of the decreasing prices of tablets.

E-reader market

Kobo have a selection of Android-powered tablets, which have also been revamped to take advantage of faster processors. However, the company said that its e-ink devices still accounted for between 80% and 90% of all the machines it sold, showing that the Aura will play a critical role in attracting consumers to its e-book store.

According to research consultancy Gartner, sales of e-book devices have declined with only 16 million such devices expected to be sold this year, and with the figures expected to decline to 10 million in 2017.

E-ink screens are easier to read in sunlight; that is, they’re less likely to cause eyestrain than LCD screens commonly seen in tablets, but Gartner said many consumers are unwilling to buy both gadgets.

A Touch Away From Success

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Regardless of the maker of your smartphone, you are surely benefiting from mobile applications. Applications are the heart of every phone. Be it a game, browser-access, business-focused, or hybrid apps, mobile applications make hand-held devices more exciting and enjoyable to use. With different smartphones available in the market nowadays, entrepreneurs see the potential of using mobile applications to market their products and services.

Incomparable connectivity

With mobile applications, you can have 24/7 connectivity with your customers. You can get closer to your target market, opening more business opportunities for your company. People who download your business’ apps can have unlimited access to your products and services whenever and wherever they use your mobile apps. You can also flag survey on your mobile apps to learn more about your target audience. You can also post advertisements to market your newest products and promos.

Wider reach

As mobile phones become part of every person’s life, businesses with mobile applications can reach a wide variety of phone users. With the help of an SEO company that offers mobile app development in Sydney, you can create a unique application related to your business. If your app can be downloaded easily and is flexible to different devices, you’ll even have a bigger opportunity to reach more prospective customers. Mobile applications are mostly available for free, so you can get in touch with as many customers as possible.

Low entry cost

Building a mobile application for your business is not that hard, so you can commission one at a low cost. As there are many SEO companies in Sydney these days, you will surely get a great deal that fits your business and budget. You can search the internet and visit different mobile application development websites to see what they can offer your business.

With good Sydney SEO services that offer mobile app development, your company can now benefit from mobile applications. This way, you can build business relationships, improve brand awareness, and create a new revenue stream for your business.

US Takes Apple To Court For Alleged E-Books Price-Fixing

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Apple Inc. is set to go to trial Monday, but this time, it’s not with Samsung or any other rival company, but against the US government. The federal and state authorities allege that the electronics giant conspired with publishers to raise the price of e-books.

The legal battle pita the popular iPad and iPhone maker against the US Department of Justice in case that will test how Internet retailers interact with content providers.

“This case will effectively set the rules for Internet commerce,” says former policy director for the US Federal Trade Commission David Balto.

The DOJ filed its case against Apple and five of the six largest book publishers in the US back in April 2012. The complaint accuses them of conspiring to raise e-book prices and break Inc.’s hold on pricing.

Apple will be left to fight this one out alone, though, as the five publishers agreed to eliminate prohibitions on wholesale discounts and to pay a collective $164 million for their consumers’ benefit.

The five publishers named in the lawsuit were Pearson Plc’s Penguin Group, News Corp’s HarperCollins Publishers Inc, CBS Corp’s Simon & Schuster Inc, Hachette Book Group Inc and MacMillan.

The US government is not seeking any damages, but instead wants an order blocking Apple from engaging in such activities. If found guilty, though, Apple could stay pay damages in a separate trial by the state attorneys general and consumers pursuing class action suits.

China Is the Biggest PC Market In 2012

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china as the biggest pc market

According to a market data report, China has overtaken the US as the world’s biggest market for personal computers.  Research said that the computer shipments in China rose to 69 million units last year. These figures put China above the US for the first time.

The US was the largest market up until 2011. Last year it dropped to second place, with orders of 66 million units.

Laptops are the fastest rising sector and have overtaken personal computers. In China, however, the sale of desktops and laptops is evenly split.

According to Peter Lin, senior analyst for computer platforms at IHS, the equal share of shipments for desktop [PCs] and notebooks [lightweight laptops] in China is unusual, since consumers in most regions today tend to prefer more mobile PCs, rather than the bulky, stationary desktops.

He added that the large percentage of desktop shipments in China is due to the huge demand in the country’s rural areas, which account for a major segment of country’s 1.34 billion citizens.

Find out more about this news in this BBC article.