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Anti-aging Miracles Hidden in Plain Sight

You don't need to go to an exotic destination just to find a never-before-seen plant to solve your aging woes. Surprisingly, there are several ways to minimize the effects of aging on your skin, and you don't even have to leave home to try them.  Here Read more

Anti-aging Miracles Hidden in Plain Sight

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Middle-aged woman applying anti-aging creamYou don't need to go to an exotic destination just to find a never-before-seen plant to solve your aging woes. Surprisingly, there are several ways to minimize the effects of aging on your skin, and you don't even have to leave home to try them. 

Here are some suggestions to keep that soft, youthful skin for longer: 

Use the Right Skincare Products

The market is overflowing with different skincare products. It's no wonder people are confused. The marketing of these products as the "best" in their category doesn't help make the decision easier, because all of them are claiming the same thing. How do you know if the facial serum for anti aging you found online is the one? Check the reviews, and make sure it doesn't have any chemicals that can cause breakouts or trigger your allergies. Find ingredients as natural as possible. 

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables 

Skincare products can only do so much if you keep ruining your skin through stress and pollution. An unhealthy diet also helps with skin aging, because of the free radicals present in fast food and other deep-fried substances. Rather than eating mostly meat, eat mostly fruits and vegetables, which are teeming with nutrients and water. Hydrated skin looks youthful. You also see your hair and nails looking healthier. 


To complete your routine, add a few minutes of exercise every day. Sweating helps eliminate toxins from the body, while also helping unclog pores that have been exposed to pollution. To get the full benefits of exercise, target areas of the body that are out of shape, such as your midsection or your arms. You also want to eat some protein after your workout session, to encourage muscle repair. Don't forget to stay hydrated, to replenish the liquids your body lost while sweating. 

Forget expensive treatments that end up being a disappointment. Living a healthier lifestyle and being conscious of the products you use will give you great and lasting results. 

Indiana Students Receive Funding Boost for Treating Poor Patients

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Two hands reaching for each other as symbol of helping each otherA nationwide funding program awarded a $100,000 funding grant to the Indiana University School of Dentistry Student Outreach Clinic to help expand its basic dental treatment services for poor patients.

The USA TODAY Network-sponsored program, A Community Thrives, classified the selection under the wellness category partly from public online votes. Student dentists specifically provide dental cleaning, fillings, extractions, and other basic services at no charge. Individuals looking to get special dental treatments like teeth whitening may go to a trusted dental practice in Indiana such as

A Charitable Act

The outreach began in 2009 as a student-led initiative with 20 volunteers. It treats up to 20 people every two Saturdays per month. Two years later, the charitable mission expanded through a partnership with the People's Health and Dental Center of HealthNet, a non-profit organization with 13 health centers for the poor.

Connect to Help 211, homeless shelters, and other social service agencies recommend patients who are unable to pay for dental treatment. A team of volunteer Indiana University dentists supervises students who perform the services. This activity serves as a training ground for the dental students not only in dental care but also in patient care.

Grant Recipients

The funding grant will now allow the outreach to provide extensive dental services. Apart from the dental program, A Community Thrives also awarded $100,000 each to the Promise In Brevard Creative Arts Center in West Melbourne, Florida, as the winner for the Arts & Culture category and to Kopernik Science Park in Binghamton, New York, as the winner for the Education category.

The funding award helps low-income individuals have access to basic dental hygiene services. The amount may not be huge, but the charitable project of the university will certainly leave a significant impact to the dental health of poor people.

Benefits of Working Out with a Personal Trainer

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Gym trainer noting progressSo, you’ve decided to go to the gym and lose some of that extra weight. Now that you’ve been hitting the gym regularly for a few months, however, you’re still nowhere near your goal. Are you doing something wrong? If your gym routine doesn’t seem to be showing the results you expected, it might be time to consult a professional about how to shave off that extra weight.

Here is how hiring a personal fitness trainer can get you closer to achieving your weight and fitness goals.


Personal trainers will not only assist you in using their equipment, but they will also help you set a fitness goal and achieve it. First, discuss what your goals are with your trainer so he or she can design a workout plan that best fits your fitness level. Your trainer will also be the one to assess your progress, so you know where you stand.

Accountability, Motivation, and Achieving The Results You want

Achieving your goals is so easier with a personal trainer because you’re not alone in your endeavor. Someone is always there to encourage, and remind you of your goals, after all. Aside from that, while you only meet your trainer a few times a week, they will guide you on what to do the rest of the week like activities and workouts you can do at home. Having a trainer at your side to always push you to do your best will motivate you to continue and finish your training program.

Efficient Workout Program

You don’t have to spend a whole day at the gym to achieve your goal. Your personal trainer can efficiently make the most out of your limited time at the gym and still allow you to burn the same amount of calories.

Close Supervision

Your personal trainer will be there with you all the way, so you don’t have to worry that you’re using an equipment incorrectly and end up injuring yourself. They will first demonstrate how to use the equipment and watch carefully as you try it yourself.

Working out on your own is great and could demonstrate your personal discipline, but it’s easy to lose focus while on your own, too. Having a personal trainer will help you keep track of your goals, as well as motivate and encourage you to follow your training program so you achieve your goals faster.

Benefits Specifically Given to Energy Workers

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Nuclear Power PlantIn the aftermath of the Cold War, many workers assigned at nuclear facilities contracted ailments because of their exposure to radiation. These include chronic silicosis, beryllium disease, and radiation-related cancer.

This prompted the enactment of legislation that aims to provide energy worker benefits to the victims. The law aims to help affected workers in filing claims and gaining just compensation.

The Energy Worker Compensation Program

The Presidential Advisory Board on Radiation and Health gave instructions to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, as well as other concerned agencies, on the proper implementation of the energy worker compensation program.

Like other compensations systems in place, the entire process can be time-consuming and tedious. A designated DOE resource center is tasked to receive the initial claims. The center forwards the claims to the SSA or the Social Security Administration.

After filing their claims, members wait for around four weeks before they can receive feedback from the SSA. The $2.50 administrative fee for every work year worth of employment record requested is paid by the applicant. The SSA also charges $15 filing fee. These fees are not waived by the DOE.

Most former nuclear plant workers find the resource centers helpful. However, information is not shared among claimants because of privacy issues. If members can give their assistance, other people would have an idea on how claims are handled. They will be able to compare how reviewing authorities evaluate various claims.

The Legislation

The law on the energy worker benefits was passed in 2000. As of 2010, the payouts have summed up to $1.4 billion. The worker or his survivors must prove that the illness was likely caused by the exposures at the facility to receive the $150,000 lump sum payment.

There will also be compensation for the on-going cost of treatment. In some sites, the payments are made automatically. In other sites, the claimant must show the length of time they worked at specific jobs to prove the cause of their health concerns.

There is no doubt that there are health hazards linked to working in nuclear facilities. The law aims to ease the sufferings of workers affected by these dangerous working conditions.

Whiter Teeth and Healthy Enamel: The Natural Way

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Beautiful casual woman showing her perfect white teethFrom discoloured to white, getting those pearly white teeth once again is not an impossible feat. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to do that.

If you have some cash to spare, you can undergo a teeth whitening procedure in any dental practice in Richmond. Otherwise, you can go natural and do whitening at home. Teeth whitening remedies can be harsh to your teeth and affect your enamel, so know which natural home remedies can surely whiten your teeth without compromising your healthy enamel.

1. Oil pulling

This ancient way of swishing coconut or vegetable oil around your mouth for about 20 minutes can whiten teeth while removing bacteria in the mouth. Be careful and make sure not to swallow the oil, though.

2. Clay

Kaolin is a clay type that has a low abrasive score and works like baking soda in making your teeth whiter. Place a decent amount on your toothbrush and brush it around your teeth. This will remove stains and your teeth’s yellowish appearance without destroying its natural enamel.

3. Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has great absorbing qualities. It can absorb all the dirt and bacteria in your teeth and mouth, but you should still observe proper care when using it. This is because ingestion of activated charcoal can cause constipation.

4. Turmeric

Aside from its numerous health benefits, turmeric is a good teeth whitening agent. Take a separate toothbrush if you are going to use this method since it will stain your toothbrush. Dip your brush in turmeric powder and brush it on your teeth. Let it stay for five minutes before rinsing.

5. Sour Fruits

Sour fruits like strawberries, lemons, and apples have the ability to make teeth whiter because of their high Vitamin C content. Rubbing lemon and strawberry on discoloured teeth before rinsing and munching on crunchy apples can reduce teeth discolouration significantly.

Whether you want to have a professional do it for you or want to go the natural way, keeping your teeth healthy and white should be a priority. Do not compromise.

Top Things to Do During a Dental Emergency

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Dental EmergencyYou probably have your general health checked every once in a while. Do you know that you likewise need to have your teeth and mouth checked by a dentist at least twice a year?

Dental emergencies may occur anytime. In case of an emergency, you must be prepared to deal with the situation. discusses the importance of knowing what to do during dental emergencies. The guide will be able to equip and inform you with what you need.

What Makes a Dental Emergency?

First, you have to know what constitutes a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can be described as either visible oral damage or the beginning of oral pain. In the former category, it can include knocked-out teeth, teeth barely hanging on to your gums, knocked-out-of-position and broken-edged teeth, and severe dental bleeding.

In the case of oral pain, toothaches can be painful, but without injury, bleeding, or infection, you can only set a regular appointment with a dentist. Toothaches can mean tooth decay, however, and untreated tooth decay can develop into a tooth abscess. Tooth abscesses are emergencies; you may suffer from unbearable pain, swelling, and flu-like symptoms.

What to Do in an Emergency?

Contact an emergency dentist and discuss the details of your dental emergency. A dentist will be able to treat you even after-hours, or the dentist may have time allotted during the day for emergencies.

What to Prepare for an Emergency?

Before any emergencies, you can pack a dental first aid kit to alleviate the pain as you rush to the dentist. Include painkillers in the kit, as well as antiseptic mouthwash, cotton wool pads to help with any bleeding, and sugar-free gum that can temporarily plug the gap of a lost filling.

You cannot underestimate the importance of emergency dentists today. Follow this guide to learn what you should do and where to get help during dental emergencies.

What Makes Composite Bonding Better Than Veneers

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Girl preparing for Composite BondingOnly a few have excellent teeth. In fact, with so many factors affecting the appearance, function and form of your teeth, such as injuries, accidents, ageing, and dental hygiene habits, it is nearly impossible to achieve a 'perfect' set of teeth.

Because only a tiny percentage of the population boasts of such great-looking teeth, oral health care experts continue to look for ways to allow the rest to experience it too. Thanks to all their hard work, you and many others will now find top-notch composite bonding treatments in London. Find out more about this dental treatment option.

Features that give it an edge

Other than bonding, there are several cosmetic dentistry solutions designed to enhance the appearance and function of the teeth, such as veneers. Of course, both have their own sets of advantages over the other.

What gives composite bonding an edge is its cost. It comes with a more affordable price tag than the typically costly veneers. Some people do not like that the process behind veneer application, which involves drilling the teeth. In addition, applying composite bonding takes less time.

Simple and less-invasive

Tooth bonding continues to grow in popularity because of its simple application process. A dentist simply applies a material, typically composite resin, to the affected surface. Your dentist will choose a material with a shade that matches your teeth’s natural colour to make sure the outcome looks as authentic as possible.

Before applying the resin, your dentist may have to treat the surface of your tooth first. This way, the material will adhere to the surface better. This method of treating the tooth is less invasive than the ones used for patients getting a veneer.

Composite bonding allows you to transform the look of your teeth and improve your smile without having to spend a lot of time or money. Talk to your dentist to find out if this treatment option is right for you.

Save Your Child’s Teeth and Kick the Pacifier Habit

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Broken child's teethWhile sucking on a pacifier can help calm fussy infants, it then becomes less helpful as they grow old. Studies suggest the long-term use of pacifiers can affect the healthy development of teeth. A dental malformation is likely to occur when kids continue using it in their preschool years. Experts note that children should stop sucking on pacifiers by age two.

One common repercussion is having an open space in the front teeth or an overbite that causes protrusion of upper teeth. Apart from shifting and moving teeth, long-term pacifier use is also linked to acute mild ear infections. This is because continued sucking causes abnormal opening of the auditory tube, allowing throat secretions to seep into the middle ear.

Other Consequences

Louisville kids’ dentist note that it is best to discourage the habit early on, even if your child doesn’t have an ear infection. This is because it can be difficult to kick the pacifier habit. Some dental experts also believe it could affect speech development, with the child having less time to babble or talk. Using pacifiers past the toddler years may also call the need for braces, as they get older.

Stop the Habit

Sure, weaning your child off a pacifier is not always easy. Fortunately, you can try some strategies. Dip the pacifier in white vinegar to make it taste bitter or sour. Cutting it shorter or piercing the pacifier’s nipple with an ice pick can also help in lowering sucking satisfaction.

Other recommendations include:

  • Limit daytime use or restrict use to certain times like bedtime.
  • Give it away or trade for something that they might like.
  • Lose it and don’t try to find it, as children will realize eventually that they don’t need it
  • Go cold turkey if you think this approach (or saying no) could work for your child.

Apart from kicking the pacifier use, don’t forget to take your child to the dentist no later than their first birthday. This is to prevent oral health problems like tooth decay, learn ways to clean your child’s teeth and identify their fluoride needs.

The Wonders Deep Chemical Peels Can Do for Your Skin

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Girl with dermatologistNot everyone is blessed with flawless skin. Many people struggle with acne – even celebrities. If you know who Bella Thorne is, she recently shared her experience with chemical peels, and she posted all of it on Snapchat.

Before you schedule a consultation with your facial aesthetics provider, such as Saving Faces, here are some things you may want to know about getting a chemical peel.

Is This the End for Facelifts?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons shared that there were 30,750 plastic surgery procedures carried out in 2016 – a 40 per cent decline from 2015, which had 51,140. The reason behind this is because more people are discovering the wonders that non-surgical procedures, such as chemical peels, can do for the skin.

Deeper Chemical Peels – What Are They For?

Chemical peels accelerate turnover and treat various skin problems, including sun damage, acne, ageing and hyperpigmentation.

Deeper (phenol) chemical peels are good for skin resurfacing, rejuvenation and tightening, as well as stimulating elastin and collagen formation. Because it is the most aggressive type of treatment, you can only undergo one treatment at a time, as this removes the outer layers of your skin to reveal a new layer.

This also means that your skin will not be able to tan, which is why you should follow dermatologist when they say that you should use sun block.

The Dangers of DIY Chemical Peels

You have to be careful of chemical peels sold on the internet because these put you at risk of ruining your face. Some of these are concocted in a non-regulated environment, which means that you are not sure of the acid levels that these contain.

This is good news if you are hesitant about going under the knife because then, not only will you look younger, but your skin will look flawless the more you undergo this skin care treatment. Make sure you consult with an expert before going through with the treatment or buying at-home products so that you know which solutions work best for your skin.

Crooked Teeth Facts; Using Braces and Other Options

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Crooked TeethCrooked teeth are a common dental issue. Some people do not consider getting misaligned bites corrected so long their teeth are healthy. Others, on the other hand, are too conscious about their appearance that it is the first reason they wanted the issue corrected immediately. But why should you correct crooked teeth?

Causes of Crooked Teeth

According to, crooked teeth are caused by different factors. People with small mouth does not develop enough space for their teeth. Others have malformed upper and lower jaws leaving too much space for their teeth. In most cases, though, crooked teeth are an inherited trait. There are also habits, such as thumb-sucking and baby bottle feeding, which can cause crooked teeth.

Disadvantages of Crooked Teeth

  • Having crooked teeth makes cleaning difficult. Since the bite is misaligned, it’s hard to clean and reach hidden areas of the teeth. This can also increase the risk of tooth decay.
  • Crooked teeth can affect one’s self-esteem as he becomes conscious of his appearance.
  • Chewing can be difficult, especially when protruding teeth rub together causing discomfort. This too can cause abnormal wear on teeth.
  • Bad breath may occur if food trapped between the crooked teeth remains.

Straightening the Bite Using Braces

Dental braces are the fastest and most effective way to correct crooked teeth. They are metal devices used to correct teeth alignment through continuous application of pressure. Braces cause discomfort at first but should fade away once you get used to it. It could take several months or even years to correct the bite depending on the case.

Straightening Teeth Without Braces

Because braces are not removable, expensive, and sometimes painful,  some patients with crooked teeth go for other options. Fixed and removable retainers, appliances such as Herbst appliance, and Invisalign in Hertfordshire are ideal options for correcting slightly to moderate bite problems like limited overcrowding, malocclusion, and underdeveloped jaws.

Crooked teeth are a common dental problem but with many disadvantages. Fortunately, your options for correcting this is not limited to just using braces. You can also straighten crooked teeth with other permanent and removable dental devices.