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SEO Hacks: Here’s How You Can Win the Search Engine Visibility Game

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SEO Audit of Your WebsiteFact—Google currently receives more than 5.7 billion (yes, that’s billion, with a B!) of searches in an average day—plus the millions of searches other search engines receive. This alone should give you a clue about the significance of increasing your search engine visibility. Below, Bambrick Media shares five useful ways to increase your search engine visibility:

1. Regularly perform an SEO audit of your website

Resolve issues that can negatively affect your rankings on search engines. You can use a host of different tools for this or consult SEO service specialists for more accurate findings. You must also conduct a manual inspection and evaluation of your site’s content and more importantly, how it delivers user experience.

2. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and has responsive web design

Why? Because Google is the authority and you must bow to it. Google’s newest set of algorithms are painstakingly developed to target sites that do not use responsive web design and not optimised for mobile devices. So, if your site is lacking in these departments, say goodbye to your current Google ranking or do something about it ASAP.

3. Utilise more meaningful search terms instead of exact keyword matches

Your site’s content must be engaging and shareable all over social media. The powerful algorithm used by Google utilises Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), which efficiently recognises varied search terms or words that have the same meaning. So, rather than creating meta descriptions and titles that exactly match your keyword, you must use words that will be more appealing to your potential and existing customers or readers.

4. Utilise long tail keywords based on the geographic location you’re targeting

Use more descriptive terms on your titles and meta descriptions according to your targeted location. This will effectively improve your search engine visibility locally and make it easier for you to reach out to target customers.

5. Embrace social media

Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay, so you might as well milk it for all it’s worth. Create social media accounts, write and share different content types that will encourage your readers to share on their social media accounts, consider investing in social media advertisements, and most importantly, communicate with those who share your content and interact with you on social media.

If you wish to stay ahead of your competitors, increase your search engine visibility, search engine ranking, website traffic, online presence, brand awareness, leads, profits, and customer loyalty, these search engine optimisation tips should be a crucial aspect of your online strategy.

Boosting Performance: Effective Ways to Speed Up SQL Servers

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Make SQL Query Processing FasterThe code you use is responsible for how fast or how slow the query gets processed. Ergo, a haphazardly written code may result in a dip in the system’s performance. The good news is that you can avoid this, especially by following these four tips:

Avoid Reusing Code

Any good SQL server consultant would tell you that the act of reusing code without tweaking it first isn’t the best practice around. It may be the convenient option, but it often pulls way more information than you need. Of course, this takes its toll on the system’s performance. What you have to do is trim the code so that its scope would be limited to what you need.

Pre-Stage Data When Possible

This technique is old, but still good. Many times, you have to join multiple reports and procedures to large tables. But rather than do a large join, you’re better off pre-staging the data, persisting all the information in one table. It’s a good way to save server resources, so use it whenever you can.

Process Deletions and Updates in Batches

When you need to delete or update large tables in a database, you should do it in batches. If you just key in one large command, the server will process it as a single transaction. Apart from being a resource-heavy move, the system would have to roll back the entire process if anything disrupts it. So, your best bet is to select only a certain number of data to update or delete. Doing it in batches saves resources, plus it helps you prevent time-consuming rollbacks.

Request Only Needed Data

This tip is nearly the same as the first one, but it has more focus on columns. Normally, SQL developers will use the SELECT * function to highlight a number of columns. If you want to boost the server’s performance, this is a practice you should avoid. Again, this pulls more information than what’s necessary, so you’re better off listing the column numbers individually.

With these tips, you can enjoy faster SQL servers in no time.

Now That’s Something You Don’t See Every Day: The Role of Case Studies in Content Marketing

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Content MarketingWhen you involve articles in your marketing campaigns, don’t just settle for any kind of content. Go for the one with the most benefits – case studies. Instead of stacking up blogs on your website, marketing analysts say that it’s practical for businesses to present more case studies.

Marketing agencies in Minneapolis, MN trust this type of content as it adds credibility and value to products and services. On top of that, the reliability of your brand becomes more solid on the local and international markets. It’s the X-factor that gives your company leverage over your competitors.

Robust and Versatile

Case studies, by nature, provide customers confidence in procuring your products and services. The relatable human satisfaction with the brand’s value casts off doubts. Unlike testimonials, it takes the readers through the experience due to the thorough and loaded narrative format of case studies.

These days, multimedia features in articles are gradually gaining popularity. Case studies, in particular, make a principal material for such purpose. You can put customer stories into video clips then add pictures or infographics and publish a podcast of it, which helps enhance your SEO campaign.

Instant Keywords

One way or the other, case studies involve a certain product or service. This is as good as a keyword that ranks websites higher on search engines. The combination of fresh content and keywords relating to your goods improve your site’s visibility on the pages when those keywords are queried.

Completely Original

No two people have the same exact experiences. Unlike the default How-To blogs, case studies mix up a bit of creativity in your content. The articles won’t appear as rehashed because individual customer experiences are totally original. Moreover, this makes the content more compelling to many.

With case studies, you won’t appear too sales-y when talking your products and services. Instead, you’re offering your audience the advantages – which others have already benefited from – of procuring it.

Are Mobility Solutions a Necessity for Businesses?

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Mobile solutionsThe world has becoming reliant on mobile, and there is no turning back. Apart from consumers, employees use their tablet and smartphones to do nearly everything from talking to clients and reading their e-mails to brainstorming with colleagues while commuting and doing research to meet deadlines.

Consistent and constant interaction is important, making the use of mobile essential in day-to-day life. This clearly shows how the mobile market is slowly changing the enterprise.

The past few years saw organizations focus on supporting only one mobile channel with a handful of apps controlled by an IT department. Today, more and more businesses realize the importance of developing an effective mobile strategy. Some have multiple mobile apps and private app stores to motivate employees and boost productivity. With the right mobility solutions, companies can enjoy the many benefits of going mobile.

Facilitates Quicker Response Time

Using an app, on-the-go employees can stay active even while working remotely. If there’s a problem that needs to be addressed immediately, they can easily appoint a person in charge or take action from wherever they are. As jobs become more demanding, companies must have a transformative mobile strategy. If they don’t, they will miss out on great opportunities. Building mobile enterprise applications will not only increase productivity, but also helps everyone control operations with a few taps on a touchscreen.

Provides Information in Real-Time

With an interactive app, businesses can disseminate information about corporate parties, promotional offers, internal job openings or new product launches. Staff members can access company data anytime and interact with higher-ups for any questions or clarifications. Mobility solutions aim to break the barriers of location and time.

Increases Flexibility

At some point, there will be employees who need to work from home. With the right mobile strategy, companies can provide staff members with an efficient means to finish tasks and stay productive. The purpose of mobility is to create a working environment that is dynamic, flexible, and well organized. It helps workers stay connected no matter where they are. Companies who can’t keep up with mobile needs will find it difficult to retain great talent.

Aligning IT and business with enterprise mobile doesn’t have to be difficult. With smart planning and the help of professionals, companies can get the most out of mobility solutions.

Coping with Abandoner Issues

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adwordsFor the SEO industry, the only happy ending is a conversion. This isn’t always the case, though, as some visits end up as a bounce. These missed opportunities don’t really sting, since many of the bouncers are just wrong clicks, and had no intention of converting anyway. The bigger concern are the users who were literally about to convert, but left at the last minute – abandoners.

There aren’t any consistent reasons on why users suddenly turn into abandoners, but the fact that they do is something that needs to change before any SEO or AdWords effort can be effective. But, how can any company solve a problem without knowing the cause behind them? They can only look at their operations and try to find where things can go south with the experience.

The first thing analytics need to do is find the page where most of the abandonment occurs, and see what the user sees. These pages are commonly where users are asked to enter personal information, or required to log in. These security measures are necessary for the business model of the website, but they’re also instant repellents to users who are only looking for a specific piece of information.

The SEO strategy should include how to make these pages more attractive to such users, as well as more assuring that the information will remain private and secure. These are only general content-based solutions, and there are that can be done behind the scenes, or with the programs themselves.

Companies can offer small incentives such as free shipping, small discounts on the next purchase to make it easier for users to enter the website. The best part about these strategies is that companies don’t have to start new promos and offers; they can give what customers would already have gotten even if they didn’t sign up.

3 Ways to Leverage Rich Media for SEO

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seo servicesDid you know that 93% of consumers rank visual appearance as the top deciding factor in online shopping? Yes, this is how image-centric the world has become with the Internet. Today, the premise of maintaining an eCommerce site is simple: make it visual or lose the game.

For this reason, marketers use rich media more in their web design. These visual elements are not just for web design, though. With the right techniques, you can use rich media to improve your SEO and eventually evolve your process to a strategy that matches the type of SEO Brisbane companies do. Here are three ways to do that:

Video Transcriptions

Whilst Google can’t crawl video (at least not yet), its crawlers do index the description box on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites. There lies the first SEO-related potential of rich media, as a transcription can easily improve your online presence. Semantic markups and tags are also important when you want to harness the potential of video.

Embed Functions

The usefulness of the embed function goes beyond its service as a way to share the video content. It can also help you build links, as what Moz points out in one of its Whiteboard Friday sessions. With these nifty techniques, you can add a link directing to your own website through the embed codes of video sites.

Social Media Engagement

The third technique to make the most of rich media is to use this for your social media engagement. As video is easier to consume, the right script and cinematography can easily create a viral hit. The more talk you have on social media, the better for your SEO campaign.

We may be a few years away before search engine bots get to index rich media, but that does not mean you can’t use it for your campaign. Leverage these techniques to boost your web presence the easy, smart way.

How Marketing Can Turn Your Business Around

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man doing businessThere are two things you need to succeed in the Asian business scene: quality product or service and excellent marketing. All your efforts go to waste if you don’t know how to sell them. Customers would always go for the first company they believe can satisfy their needs. That company is not necessarily the best in the business in terms of quality, but they often lead the marketing race.

Hiring Singaporean experts in corporate training can save your business. Beating your competition is usually every company’s objective, but it is actually an abstract goal. What you need is to use marketing to handle the pressing problems your organization is facing.

Your Customers are Insatiable

Customers want all the information they can get before handing over the money. They want to know the features of your product or service and the benefits they can reap out of it. You have to present the selling points of your solutions in a compelling way. Your employees need to learn proper scripts, understand different types of customers and develop certain skills to answer serve to their satisfaction.

Your Competitors are Closing in

Regardless of the industry you belong to, you have to constantly adapt to changes. Your company may be on top of the food chain right now, but you should expect your competition to catch up. Other companies are always making moves to gain an edge. Staying up to date with the latest marketing trends and strategies will keep you ahead of the pack.

You Need to Close the Deal

Generating leads just takes care half of the job. Your sale only counts if you can seal the deal. Keep in mind that customers have plenty of options at their disposal; they can easily go elsewhere if you can’t convince them enough to choose you. Corporate training sessions are one sure-fire way to help your staff complete sales transactions.

Marketing is a combination of science and art. No one can master both without learning from an experienced specialist. Give your employees the knowledge they need, and watch your business grow.

How Marketing Changes Affect Your Business

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marketing toolsChanges happen whether you want them or not. The best way to deal with them is to find ways to turn them into an opportunity for growth. In marketing, changes come in different forms that demand specific responses. You don’t just need to deal with shifting consumer behavior, you also have to adapt to new marketing techniques and technological improvements.

Marketing opportunities exist beyond television, radio, and print, as the Internet continues to provide new prospects. The move to the digital world is a change that marketers can turn into an opportunity. Many businesses, however, still find this form of non-traditional marketing a bit intimidating.

Multiple channels  for success

It is worth noting that a substantial portion of digital marketing audience uses mobile devices. With new models popping up at almost every turn, businesses can make the most of smartphones, tablets, and laptops to boost their exposure. Digital marketing expert, Skyrush Marketing, recommends using this opportunity because of two things: You are not just exposing your brand to anyone who owns a mobile device; you are also strengthening your online presence.

Cutting-edge, but cheaper

Traditional marketing requires you to spend more money before you can actually feel its impact. With digital marketing, you can get the attention of more people without spending even a fraction of your usual marketing budget. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a host of other social marketing sites provide not just free exposure and but also meaningful interactions with existing and potential customers.

Strengthening customer loyalty

Use digital marketing as part of a unified marketing strategy. If you’re running a digital marketing campaign through geo-targeted mobile ads, follow this through with a meaningful social media interaction in social media sites. These steps will help increase your customer loyalty and confidence. The more you interact and respond to them, the more you show that you care and willing to meet their needs.

Changes are good. You just need to have the right attitude. You can’t stay scared and stop yourself from achieving your goals. Adapt to the changes and allow yourself to grow because of them.

Google Starts Building Self-Driving Cars, No Brakes Or Steering Wheel

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car bmwGoogle enters the world of automobiles, as the company announced it would soon start building its own driverless cars.

Google’s car project

To create a fully self-driving vehicle, the search engine giant is building a car without a steering wheel or pedals.

“We’re really excited about this vehicle – it’s something that will allow us to really push the capabilities of self driving technology, and understand the limitations,” said Chris Urmson, director of the company’s self-driving project, in a statement.

The car will only have a stop-go button, which Urmson said had the ability to “improve people’s lives by transforming mobility.”

Things robot car can do

Developers at the company’s research wing have been working on the car project secretly last year.

Co-founder Sergey Brin decided to reveal the project at a conference in California. To drive autonomously, it will have a combination of laser and radar sensors together with camera data.

Google said the car was designed to make it appealing and help consumers accept self-driving technology.

Why Every Business Needs Quality Google Marketing

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reliable internet marketing servicesCustomers are always looking for businesses that can provide their needs best. They tend to trust the sites that appear on the first page of search results—so yours should be there. Use effective Google marketing services to market your small business website correctly.

Reach People Who Want What You’re Offering

Google AdWords helps your site appear on the first page of search results if your keywords match what people are looking for. Your site will only appear if they’re looking for your information, products, services, deals, and locations. This type of targeted marketing is profitable because your site shows up to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Geo-Targeted Keywords

You can also incorporate your location as a keyword to target users near you. This is great for local businesses, a regional company or e-commerce sites available per country. Geo-targeted keywords will help you target locations easily, whether big or small.

Include Ways to Contact You

Google AdWords offer ad extension where you can place contact numbers, business addresses, landing pages, app downloads, and much more. Ad extensions show up below your ad description. This helps potential customers to contact you if they’re interested in any of your products or services.

Retargeting Interested Users

When someone clicks on your ad, Google AdWords gives you the option to continue targeting your ads to them. This technique called “retargeting” helps you to continue sparking people’s interests. Through this, they can keep seeing your ads and maybe click on them repeatedly.

Choose Where to Place Your Ads

As Google has a huge amount of ad partners, you can choose to place your ads where they can be effective. This means you can easily advertise on popular niche sites where your customers might be. Track results afterwards to exclude sites that aren’t giving you positive results.

Quality Google marketing services let you optimise search results and increase your online presence. Using this will help drive traffic to your site and raise your sales figures.