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An SEO Strategy You Should No Longer Ignore This Year

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Three wooden blocks with letters SEO on itSEO strategies remain just as important as they were before, such as making sure that you have top quality content. Content is still king, and it will always be. However, regardless of how great your site content is, it does not mean you should no longer update or improve your strategies.

One of the welcome – and much-needed – additions to any campaign is optimizing for Google’s Rich Answers. And while the search engine giant does not require all sites to do this yet, it is important that you take action and start incorporating it into your must-do list as early as now.

A 101 on Rich Answers

At the core, Rich Answers are the results appearing towards the top results of organic searches. According to studies, these appear on about 20% of Google search results out of the 850,000-keyword queries that can trigger their appearance.

This percentage may seem low now. Remember that Google always follows through with its claims, especially when it comes to providing the best value for its users. Since its Rich Answers box delivers the most pertinent answers to search queries, it will not take long before this percentage skyrockets.

Ranking for these organic search results

There are several ways on how you can rank for Rich Answers, but only a highly experienced and reliable Denver SEO company such as Third Stage Marketing can help you get the best results out of this SEO strategy.

The first step is to make certain you properly optimize for your chosen target keywords. This way, you can raise your chances of appearing on the first page of Google’s SERP (search engine results page). By having your site appear in the top results, you will have better odds of showing up on the Rich Answers box too.

And do not forget to begin your sentences always with attention-demanding words. A clear and direct heading is a must too. And to complete your Rich Answers, keep them short using tags.

Get a Reaction: Strategies to Boost Social Engagement

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Socia Media ButtonAre you wondering why your posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms aren’t getting any engagements? Engagement is a barometer of user interest in your brand, if you get comments, shares and reactions, you’re on the right track.

A Denver-based SEO agency cites the following ways to improve your social media engagement.

Slow the Scroll

The first thing you do to improve brand engagement on social media is to slow down their scrolling or stop it altogether. What you want is to have a visitor lock in on a particular part of your feed; to do so, post something that they want to see or watch. Knowing your audience is an important part of your campaign’s success, know their habits on social media. Do they like browsing photos or watching videos? Adjust your content strategy based on the interests of your intended audience.

It also helps to know what your audience does outside of social media. You can identify this by integrating your online and offline campaigns. Conduct surveys, prompt customer representatives to take notes of caller queries, what they ask about, what they buy often and other similar questions.

Get a Reaction

Eliciting a response from visitors is one of the goals of social campaigns; one of the ways to do so is to ask for it. An emoji, a like, a smiley face or any other emoticon can be your call-to-action. A subtle way to do this is to use emojis as prompts; this sets the tone of the post and encourages a viewer to react in the same way.

Pique the Interest

Clicks are also an indicator of engagement; one of the ways to get a click is by piquing the interest of your visitors. One of the means to do so is to share fact-checked data. People want to know facts in the niche and industry you’re in. Keep them interested by releasing bits of information at a time, this piques their curiosity and keeps them coming back for more.

These are a handful of strategies that improve engagement on your social media posts. Implementing these provide you with an advantage and allows you to connect with your audience efficiently.

Coping with Abandoner Issues

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adwordsFor the SEO industry, the only happy ending is a conversion. This isn’t always the case, though, as some visits end up as a bounce. These missed opportunities don’t really sting, since many of the bouncers are just wrong clicks, and had no intention of converting anyway. The bigger concern are the users who were literally about to convert, but left at the last minute – abandoners.

There aren’t any consistent reasons on why users suddenly turn into abandoners, but the fact that they do is something that needs to change before any SEO or AdWords effort can be effective. But, how can any company solve a problem without knowing the cause behind them? They can only look at their operations and try to find where things can go south with the experience.

The first thing analytics need to do is find the page where most of the abandonment occurs, and see what the user sees. These pages are commonly where users are asked to enter personal information, or required to log in. These security measures are necessary for the business model of the website, but they’re also instant repellents to users who are only looking for a specific piece of information.

The SEO strategy should include how to make these pages more attractive to such users, as well as more assuring that the information will remain private and secure. These are only general content-based solutions, and there are that can be done behind the scenes, or with the programs themselves.

Companies can offer small incentives such as free shipping, small discounts on the next purchase to make it easier for users to enter the website. The best part about these strategies is that companies don’t have to start new promos and offers; they can give what customers would already have gotten even if they didn’t sign up.