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Transforming Your Office Space to Increase Employee Productivity

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Office ImprovementOn average, most people spend 40 hours working. Statistics show that an average person spends about 30 percent of their life at work. What this means for any employer is that the office space should give your employees the stimuli they need to improve productivity.

Here what you need to do to transform your office from a dull, boring space to a brighter and happier environment that motivates your employees to work.

Change the office colour theme

Every once in a while, you need to change your office colour theme. Studies show that colour has a profound effect on our moods. To create an office space that feels peaceful and harmonious, choose wisely.

Ask yourself this question: What moods do you want in the office? What colours will help you achieve this? Angela Wright, a world-renowned colours psychologist, said that it is not the colours that stimulate or soothes, but the intensity. Where an intense bright colours will stimulate, a low saturation colours will soothe. Blend in the colours of the walls and furniture to create a harmonious office.

Control lighting

Although it is common knowledge that working in the dim light can harm your eyes, lighting effects go beyond this: lighting affects productivity. Your office’s lighting should be neither dim nor too harsh. Dim light causes eyestrain, headaches, drowsiness, and lack of focus.

Harsh light, especially florescent lighting may trigger migraines and make it difficult for your employees to focus.

A great alternative to dim lighting and fluorescent lighting is natural light. If your office has a good number of windows, the only thing you should work on installing window treatments that will help suppress the harsh afternoon sunlight.

If on the other hand, your office lacks a good number of windows for adequate natural lighting, installing a glass-paneled sliding door within the wall should help. Such pocket sliding doors will help you close off your office for privacy while still letting lighting into the office.

Transforming the office should not be ‘a one man’s show. As you plan to give that office space a makeover, consult your employees on other changes they might need to make them feel more motivated.

The Solutions to Men’s Beauty Problems

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manMen aren’t settling for less anymore, as they’re becoming more concerned about their facial and body features. They look for treatments that can solve their beauty problems, so they can face the world with full confidence. If you’re among them, here are some tips for looking great and taking care of common issues:

Unwanted Hair

Hair removal isn’t strictly a female thing any longer. Dermatologist David Goldberg, MD, says that most men want their back, chest, and other body hair thinned out. If you don’t like the discomfort of waxing, skin care experts like those from Men’s Skin Center suggest that you can undergo laser removal treatment instead.

Laser hair removal uses intense pulsed light to penetrate the hair shaft and disable hair follicles, so unwanted hair won’t grow back. If you want to be sure about a procedure’s safety, however, see if the FDA and European Medical Devices Directive (EMDD) have approved it.

Facial Problem

According to research published in Science Daily, female skin is lighter than male skin. Men have rougher and oilier skin, as they have higher amounts of collagen in the dermis. This is why people shouldn’t treat facial products and treatments the same.

Men aren’t used to daily skin care beauty routines, so dead skin cells build up in the pores over time. This leads to acne, pimples, and other blemishes. A good way to treat these problems is to have facials that cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturise the skin.

Unwanted Body Fat

A flat and firm stomach is the ideal body image of men. Unfortunately, due to lack of exercise and poor diet, the abdominal area stores unwanted fat. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of men is lower than that of women, while their Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) is higher.

As adipose tissue centres around on the waist area, also known as beer belly syndrome, men have difficulties shaping and toning their bodies more. Exercise might not be the only answer. Instead, look for professional slimming treatments to achieve your desired upper body shape.

There’s nothing wrong about wanting to improve your physical appearance. If you feel that facial problems and unwanted hair or body fat is affecting you all over, then it’s time to visit the right clinic for help.