Center-Based Child Care Programs for Children of Different Ages

childcare development center

childcare development centerIn most families, both parents work outside the home. It is hence essential for them to get a solution for the care of their children throughout the day. There are in-home and non-residential care options. The renowned in-home care options are hiring a nanny or babysitter which can both be costly.

The inexpensive and convenient non-residential care option is a child care center located in Salt Lake City, UT. There are various programs in a child care center designed for kids of different ages. Here are some of them.


These are children between six weeks-18 months. This is a precious time for children and care programs focus on helping your child achieve their developmental milestones and healthy interactions.

There are various toys provided to develop the infant’s large and small motor development and sensory activities which promote learning and language.


These are children between 18–36 months. In this stage, the day center care providers focus on refining a child’s developmental skills and helping them explore their world. Unstructured playtime, art, dramatic play, story time and music are all integral components of a balanced toddler care program.

These aim at promoting your child’s social interactions, sensory skills, and language use at this time when they are bursting with curiosity and energy.

School Going Children

These are kids from three years to about twelve. Daycare centers offer after-school and vacation care programs designed for these kids.

The specific activities are based on your child’s age and education level. Some centers help your kids with their homework and coaching to grasp various concepts as well as others aimed at enhancing their social interaction.

Children have various needs at different ages and the above programs ensure your child’s needs are adequately met. Daycare centers have trained staff, enrichment-filled activities and better security compared to other care options.

They are hence the best-suited to care for your children as you pursue other activities with peace of mind.

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