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The responsibility of running a dental practice can be daunting and exhausting, especially when a patient makes complaints. However, if a complaint is handled effectively, it can not only increase patient loyalty it can shed light on practices that could do with improvement. Knowing how to handle a complaint from the get-go, at every level of the practice, is a must for any dental surgery, so it’s important that training is implemented. Complaint handling training can count towards mandatory hours in Dental CPD. In Watford and the south, complaint handling can be improved by attendance at courses specifically developed to meet GDC regulations.

Highly recommended

The GDC stipulations for CPD hours in a 5-year cycle are:

  1. 100 hrs for dentists
  2. 75 hrs for dental therapists, hygienists, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians
  3. 50 hrs for dental nurses and technicians.

And one of their recommended CPD subjects is complaints handling.

A complaint being handled badly undermines confidence in the service and may lead to the customers going elsewhere. The Institute of Customer Service survey revealed 2 interesting results. Firstly, that ‘nearly all customers would recommend a company if a complaint was handled well’. Secondly, that ‘4 out of 5 customers would spread the word if a complaint had been handled badly’. It pays to train the whole team in handling customer complaints and putting it at the core of dental CPD in Watford by attending course at centres such as Wisbora Conferences.

Networking, enjoyment and enhanced learning

Looking after a practice can be isolating. By attending courses that encourage interaction, debate and sharing of in-practice situations, dentists find a source of support and a renewed sense of purpose when returning to practice.

Attending CDP in customer complaints allows ideas and solutions to be discussed and plans of action to implemented based on solid research and understanding.

Once a customer complaints course has been attended, there are other subjects that enhance practice including:

  • NHS Rules and Regulations
  • Preparing for a CQC inspection
  • Effective leadership/management
  • Dental Accounting
  • Dentist Income Protection
  • Improving the practice’s private potential.

It’s clear with such a comprehensive range of training Dental CPD in Watford can enhance practice and bring support to all practitioners.

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