Why Should You Get CompTIA Network+ Certified?

CertificateOverview: Introduction to CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA Network+ certification is an entry-level certification network technicians can take at the beginning of their career. The exam tests knowledge and skills in all aspects of network technologies such as installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance. The results of the test will show competence in the field of hardware, network design, and network cabling, as well as expertise in the configuration of TCP/IP clients. There are no prerequisites for taking the test, but taking a CompTIA Network+ Practice Test may be helpful in getting good results. CompTIA also recommends that you at least have nine months of related work experience and have already completed the CompTIA A+ certification.

Some of the roles a CompTIA Network+ certified individual can assume include network installers, network administrators, help desk technicians, and IT cable installers.

Why Get Certified?

There are no board or bar exams in the IT world; employers gauge the skills of applicants through previous experience and output. This makes it difficult for entry-level applicants to prove their worth, which is why certifications are essential. A CompTIA Network+ certification shows that you are highly competent and capable network technician. It can give you an advantage over other applicants, improving your chances of getting the job.

Advantages of CompTIA Network+ Certification

Some organizations who want individuals with all-around knowledge prefer a CompTIA Network+ certification because it is vendor-neutral. It also meets and complies with the regulations under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and the ISO 17024 standard. Furthermore, CompTIA Network+ certified professionals perform better at work than their non-certified counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Of course, preparation is key before taking any exam. You can find yourself a good review center to get textbooks, audiotapes, and video lessons. You can also complete practice tests to assess how ready you are in taking the exam.

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