Gold Bars: A Beginner’s Buying Guide

Stack Of Gold BarsAside from real estate properties and stocks, gold is also a great form of investment. Gold bars and coins are seen as a form of tangible security blanket. Meaning, when the stock business is affected, and currencies plummet down, the value of gold would barely be affected, according to Atkinsons Bullion.

Therefore, it is no surprise why more and more people invest in gold. As a first-time gold buyer, here are some things to help you decipher how to buy the right gold bars for your first investment. 

A guide to buying gold bars:


The two most common types of gold bars are minted and cast. Both types of gold are poured into a mould. Cast gold is refined. Minted bars, on the other hand, are cut from a large piece of a gold block and then formed to have uniform dimensions. Minted gold has a finer appearance which attracts buyers. However, others do prefer cast gold’s natural or rustic appearance. Whichever type of gold you are purchasing, a certificate of quality is always given. 


Gold bars come in different sizes. People who just entered the gold investing business, or are on a budget often choose to invest in bars that weigh just a few grammes. These light bars obviously have the same quality but come at more affordable prices because of its weight and can easily be shipped in different parts of the world. 


Following the gold bar trend and its price movement won’t be necessary. Investing in gold is different from investing in stocks and therefore the approach should be different. The right time to buy gold is when you need it. Gold prices are pretty much stable and are not easily affected by the movement in the international market so you can buy whenever you want and whenever you need. 

Buying gold is easy. But remember to buy from trusted sources and always have a certification to ensure the quality you are buying. Happy shopping and investing!

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