Make Your Banking Experiences Safer

a woman checking her bank account onlineBanking can sometimes be a nervous affair, especially when you are aware of the existence of fraudsters, hackers, and thieves. Naturally, you want protection from such criminals, and banks here in Connecticut do all they can to make all your transactions safe.

You can also do some practices, however, that can make your banking experiences safer and allow you to have more peace of mind.

How to Conduct Yourself at an ATM

Starting with ATM transactions, you can block the screen with your body and cover the keypad with a palm. This way, thieves will have a hard time discovering your bank information.

You also have to be quick with your transactions; the slower you move, the more chances you give thieves to profile you and make a move later on. Of course, if you feel threatened in any way, you can choose to withdraw some other time or in a different ATM for your safety.

How to Conduct Yourself in a Bank

Next, with transactions made inside a bank itself, instead of filling up withdrawal or deposit slips at the bank, you can fill the info at home. With the filled-out sheets, you can hide the slips in your bag or pocket until you finally give them to the teller.

Moreover, when a teller asks for banking info, write the details down, if you can, to keep eavesdroppers from hearing anything. Much like at an ATM, be aware of lurking individuals around you, and transact on a different day if you feel uncomfortable.

How to Conduct Yourself Online

Finally, with online banking transactions, a strong password and regular password changes will be enough to keep hackers and phishers at bay. You can upgrade security even more with two-factor authentication.

Speaking of phishing, you also have to watch out for suspicious e-mails and texts that usually ask for your account number and other details. You can use premium antivirus software to deal with such scams and many other online threats.

You can follow the security practices above to have safer banking experiences anywhere. Banking can now be worry-free.

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