4 Signs That You Need Upper Cervical Alignment

Chiropractor doing neck adjustment

Chiropractor doing neck adjustmentHave you been having regular neck pains that seem to come and go and you can’t figure out what’s causing it? These may seem like simple symptoms of stress, but sometimes it can also be something more serious. Dr. Jereme Sommers of Necks to Heaven believes that a better treatment can be achieved through better analysis of the problem. And an upper cervical alignment usually has elementary signs and symptoms that need to be analyzed properly to be diagnosed as such. Here are five simple signs that could mean that you need it.

Nagging Headaches or Migraines

Headaches are a kind of symptom that can mean a lot of things. But being that the head is attached to the spine, they may have a direct relation to upper cervical alignment. Headaches from this condition may emanate from the back of the head extending around the sinuses.

Lower Back Pain

The head compensates for misalignment by putting unbalanced pressure on the spine. This pressure can cause the pain to travel down to the tail of the spine thus causing lower back pain. Correcting this misalignment will cure this pain.

Shoulder Pain

For the shoulders to function properly, they would greatly depend on the spine. And if the upper spine isn’t correctly aligned, it can make it difficult for shoulders to move the way they need to. Upper spine alignment will help correct it.

Clicking or Gritting Sound When Turning Your Head

If you try to slowly look left and right and hear a clicking or gritting sound that comes from the back of the neck, this may mean that bones are grinding against each other or perhaps the sound of ligaments and tendons as they move on a crooked spine.

You may have had these symptoms for a while now and have ignored them because they haven’t caused much pain. But if it’s persisted for over a month, perhaps it’s time to set an appointment with your chiropractor.