4 Ways to Stop Sweating Too Much

Desert woman thirsty dehydrated in Death Valley. Dehydration, overheating, thirst and heat stroke concept image with girl in desert nature.Sweating is a very normal response of the body to heat or physical activity. But there are times when sweating is already too excessive that it already affects how you interact with other people.

For those who want to stop the excessive sweating, the following tips will help the body roll back its tendency to sweat so much.

Have a Botox treatment

Sweating is not only caused by heat or physical activity. Sometimes, it is also caused by the medical condition hyperhidrosis. One way to address this is by having a Botox treatment. This is especially helpful in avoiding excessive localized sweating like in the armpit or hands.

Botox injections in Salt Lake City you can get from clinics such as Clarity Skin can certainly help in this regard.

Always have a handkerchief with you

A handkerchief is one of the basic things that you can do to address excessive sweating. Keep on in your pocket or wallet every day and just wipe off the excessive sweat if it is already bothering you. If possible, use a cotton handkerchief for a more absorbent fabric.

Refrain from eating spicy food

Spicy food is known to exacerbate sweating. This means you should avoid food that contains ginger or chili peppers. You may also want to stay away from food with garlic and onions as they also have an adverse effect on your sweat’s smell.

Bring antiperspirant with you

If you do not want to experience so much sweating, applying an antiperspirant is one thing you can do. It is suggested to use the antiperspirant the morning before you leave home and then halfway through the day when the heat is at its peak.

Reducing how much you are sweating can be done in many ways. All the tips above can help in ensuring that sweating is manageable enough that it will not affect how you are interacting with other people.

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