5 Most Common Dental Procedures to Expect on your Visit

Woman having dental anxietyMost people have had a visit to their dentist at least once in their life. But, if you are like the many others who dread sitting on that dental chair and pays your dentist a visit once every blue moon, this article is a good read for you.

Dental offices in Indianapolis and all over the country can offer you both simple and complicated dental procedures. Below are some of the most common ones you might expect to have on your first dental visit.


Believe it or not, brushing and flossing daily is not enough to keep your teeth clean. You need regular visits to your dentist to help you reach places and spots you might have missed during your daily brushing routine.


An annoying tooth that has been giving you sleepless nights is because of a painful toothache. You might need it extracted for permanent relief. This outpatient procedure can easily let you bounce back and feel like normal again the moment you step out of the clinic.

Pain relievers and ice cream can help you heal faster.


The dentist does this procedure for teeth that are still in good shape but has cavities. There are various dental filling materials to choose from.


Have your pearly white teeth once again by having whitening treatment. This procedure targets your enamel to help you get back that pearly white smile. The procedure is not permanent, but you can enjoy it as long as you can with proper maintenance.

Root Canal

The dentist performs this procedure to treat diseased or abscessed teeth. He or she opens the damaged tooth and cleans it while removing the infected tissue in the center.

There are many other dental procedures you can avail depending on your condition and needs. Consult with your dentist now and have your oral health go from so-so to great.

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