5 Tips to Ease Your Baby’s Teething Discomfort

baby holding a teetherTeething is often a frustrating time for babies and their caregivers. Many kids are extra cranky or irritable during this time. Other infants may develop sore or tender gums. The following tips can help ease your baby’s teething discomfort:

1. Soothe the sore gums.

If your child is cranky, the best way to calm them is to put some pressure on their gums. Massage the sore gums with a clean finger or a small, cold spoon. You can also gently rub the gums with a cool, wet gauze pad or washcloth.

If your baby is still irritable and in pain, after you soothe their gums, consult a pediatric dentist in Murray.

2. Wipe their face with a cloth.

Drooling is a common symptom of teething. If your infant is drooling, wipe their face with a clean cloth to remove the drool and avert a rash.

3. Give the baby an object to chew on.

Teething babies love to bite or chew on hard objects. Give them an appropriate teething ring or a cold apple.

4. Give the infant cool, soft foods.

Teething kids often lose appetite. If your child is already eating solids, you should give them food such as yogurt and applesauce.

5. Give the child a suitable painkiller.

If your baby is very cranky or uncomfortable, and they are over six months old, you may give them acetaminophen or ibuprofen to ease the teething pain. However, talk to your baby’s doctor before you give these medications.

Never give your baby aspirin or place any painkiller against their gums or teeth. Also, avoid teething powders and homeopathic remedies.

When baby teeth begin to erupt, some infants barely whimper. Others get cranky and may experience several other symptoms. If your baby experiences some teething discomfort, keep them as comfortable as possible during this passing phase.

Consult a pediatric dentist if you can’t soothe your child or if they have a fever, diarrhea or are vomiting. You should also call a doctor if your baby looks sick, is very sleepy, or has any other symptom that bothers you.

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