Burning Body Fat: Common Myths, Debunked

Doctor measuring obese man waist body fatMost people who want to lose weight. They want to burn the fat and leave their muscle mass intact. Losing excess fat gives you a better physique and reduces your chances of contracting some health conditions. A huge percentage of people want to burn extra fat but rarely make their dreams a reality. It means there are many things we do wrong.

Going to a fat loss center in Cottage Grove is the first step toward a better you. However, your efforts might still be futile if you fall victim to the following popular fat loss myths:

Overlying on negative calorie foods

The negative-calorie-foods-only myth is based on the assumption that some foods need more calories to digest, thus burning more calories when consumed. People imagine that basing your diet on such foods (e.g., celery) will automatically force your body to burn more calories than it is getting. However, there is little to no scientific evidence that supports this claim. And even if these foods cause the body to burn calories, the effects are very minimal.

All you need is cardio

Yes, cardio and aerobics are one of the best ways to burn fat. However, overemphasizing your cardio and ignoring strength training could leave your body terribly underpowered. Over time, your aerobic workout will begin burning muscle as well as fat. This will leave you weak and unable to maintain workout or lead a productive life.

Working out daily is mandatory

Anyone who pushes really hard while at the gym would be well of with four or five days a week. Adding some days to your schedule might not be that good of an idea. You will increase your chances of injury, and your muscles won’t have time to heal or recover. You can do daily if all you do is a brisk walk or a light jog around the neighborhood.

Knowing the biology behind fat loss is very important. You’ll be lucky to find a good fat loss center that understands all the basics and is willing to instruct you through.

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