Everything You Need to Know About Bunions

Unrecognizable injured runner sitting on a wooden floor backgroundBunions are a type of physical condition that resembles thick foot calluses. They often grow on the side of the big toe or smallest, making the feet look slightly deformed. Depending on their size or shape, bunions are not only unsightly but also cause discomfort to people who have them.

The bunion starts small but grows bigger over time until it hurts. Below are some information that may confirm whether you suffer from it or not, as well as your treatment options.

What exactly are bunions?

The scientific term for bunions is Hallux Valgus. While they are common to grow on the side of the biggy, bunions may also appear on the little toe, called bunionette or tailor’s bunion. According to studies, women are often afflicted by the condition.

How do you get bunions?

Bunions are hereditary, and the onset often occurs as your bones develop. Your feet spread in width as you grow older, making you susceptible to bunions, especially when you don’t take necessary precautions, such as choosing comfortable footwear.

Bunions are painful when you walk because of the pressure from your body weight. They also come with arthritis often, amplifying the painful symptoms. They could also appear red and swollen.

What are the treatment options for bunions?

Podiatrists are medical specialists whose forte is treating bunions and similar foot problems. Managing symptoms include applying ice or drinking pain meds, as well as wearing comfortable shoes. However, surgery is also one of the treatments considered to alleviate the symptoms of bunions.

Additionally, a number of research companies, such as Jean Brown Research, conduct clinical trials to improve upon treatments for bunions. They actively look for participants who would like to participate in trials, as well as sponsors who can fund their studies.

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