Facial Exercises to Improve Your Appearance

Guy smilingDo you know that you can do exercises to strengthen your arms, legs and torso, as well as improve your smile and facial appearance?

You may not even need a surgical facelift to look young and fresh for a longer time. Try these facial exercises to achieve a more radiant and beautiful appearance:


Of course, smiling is not new to you; everyone does it every day. But to gain better control of your happy expressions, Dentist @ W2 suggests that you do these exercises:

  • Holding for ten seconds, try stretching your mouth to the sides without opening your lips.
  • Now for another ten seconds, widen the stretch of your mouth until the tips of your teeth appear.
  • Widen that stretch even further until half the length of your teeth appears, and hold for ten seconds.
  • Make that a full smile, showing your teeth in full, for another ten seconds.
  • Do the entire process in reverse, and do not forget to count ten seconds for each step.

You will be even more pleased with your smile if you have perfectly aligned teeth. Bonding and braces or alignment systems, such as Invisalign can help you achieve near perfect teeth alignment.

Not happy with the colour of your teeth? Teeth whitening can help you with that. You will be even more inspired to do these exercises if you love seeing your beautiful teeth.

Pucker up

Smiling is great, but it may lead to some fine lines. Here is how to counteract that effect.

  • Roll your lips out to pucker up whilst sucking your cheeks in as far as you can.
  • Try to smile while your lips and cheeks are in this position.
  • Stop when you start feeling a mild pain in the muscles around your mouth.

You may add more exercises to your daily routine in order to improve your smile and your appearance. Remember that you can enjoy better results if you combine these exercises with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits to your dentist.

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