Losing a Tooth Causes More Damage Than You Can Imagine

Man smiling showing lower front tooth missingIn the United States, as much as 5% of the adult population (between the ages of 20 and 64) has no teeth. And many more have at least one missing tooth.

You may think it’s fine to leave that space empty, but it’s not. A lost tooth costs you more than just your beautiful smile. Losing a tooth and not having it replaced brings more complications than you can imagine. As such, it’s important that you explore all your teeth replacement options as soon as possible. Smile World Dental notes that many residents of Modesto, CA opt for dental implants because these are the most effective way to replace missing teeth.

Here are some of the consequences of losing your teeth:

Reduced mouth functionalities

Losing even just one of your permanent teeth isn’t something you should overlook. It can affect many of the activities you carry out every day, particularly those that involve your mouth. Smiling aside, a lost tooth can interfere with your chewing and biting, making eating and swallowing more difficult. It may also cause speech problems.

Unwanted movement of your remaining teeth

The space created after you lose teeth can result in unwanted repositioning of your remaining teeth. When this happens, misalignment and twisting of a tooth right beside the empty space may occur. This will cause more problems, not to mention difficulty in biting, chewing and speaking, and cleaning your teeth.

A blow to your self-confidence

When you have large gaps in between your teeth, you may lose your will to smile. This can make you look older. What’s more alarming is its effect on your self-confidence, as unsightly spaces in your mouth can make you feel embarrassed.

Losing your teeth can cause more than just aesthetic concerns. So have them replaced before the damage they bring worsens.

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