Three Benefits of Precision Dental Implant Placement

Dental Implant model

Dental Implant modelAdvances in modern technology mean that some dental treatments are being repeatedly refined over time. This often means they get more precise and possible to adapt to unique patient circumstances. Dental implants in Manchester is one of the procedures the frequently takes advantage of the latest advances.

Precision dental implants in Manchester start with a visit to a dentist like Smylife. A lot of data is gathered initially so that the dentist can begin to construct a treatment plan.

Takes advantage of conditions in the mouth

Fitting dental implants in Manchester dtakes into account many factors in a patient’s mouth including:

  • Jawbone density – dental implants are placed as deeply as possible within the jawbone. Even a millimetre or a two can make a big difference. Precision placement allows the dentist to maximise the potential of any available material in the jawbone;
  • Position of nerves – the area where dental implants are placed is rich with nerves. Avoiding major nerves is a key part of dental implant placement;
  • Distribution of forces – there is a lot of data on the way that various actions, such as chewing, affect dental implants. They need to be placed so that they can withstand the multi-direction forces of everyday use.

Allows for same day dental implants

When the conditions are right, some patients can have their implants placed, and prosthetic teeth added, on the same day. This is made possible by the planning capabilities of modern technology that is focused on dental implants in Manchester.

A patient still needs to eat a limited diet for up to six months after same-day implant placement. However, they can enjoy the appearance of a new smile straight away. Their dental implants are less fragile and more likely to undergo successful osseointegration that with some other methods of placement.

Fewer visits to the dentist

When dental implants are correctly placed, it is advantageous to healing. A dentist will expect to see fewer complications or patient issues. This generally means fewer visits to the dentist in the long run. This makes it easier for patients who have busy lives and want to get their teeth replaced in the most efficient way possible.

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