Top 3 Causes of Obesity and How to Avoid Them

Weight loss concept shotOrange County in California singles out obesity as one of its healthcare sector’s major priorities. This is because one out of five adults and one in six 5th graders in the county suffer from this condition, which often leads to other serious health concerns such as diabetes.

Considering obesity’s serious health threats, medical weight loss programs are being supported and disseminated by healthcare stakeholders all over the county, from Laguna Beach to San Juan Capistrano, such as Premier Medical Weight Loss. These treatments start by addressing obesity’s root causes, such as these three:

Unhealthy diet

Everything you put into your body has a direct effect on your physiological makeup. This is especially true when it comes to excessive consumption of food with severely high contents of salt, fats, and free sugars, which happen to be some of the most notorious culprits of obesity. Obesity treatment must ideally start with the recalibration of the kinds and amount of food you consume on a regular basis.

Sedentary lifestyle

Various research studies have repeatedly established the correlation between obesity and inactivity. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have shown that in U.S. areas with more than 30% obesity rates, those who reported a sedentary lifestyle is also above 30%. These numbers call for essential lifestyle changes if not a complete overhaul.

Existing medical conditions

Some individuals with pre-existing medical conditions are more prone to obesity compared to the rest of the population. These medical conditions may include hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, and depression. When determining the best treatment for an overweight person, it is imperative that these conditions are factored into the equation.

Obesity is a healthcare concern that can be fought and eliminated. But this is not a goal that can be achieved individually. It takes an entire community to recognize and jump start a holistic approach to address this problem.