Turn Yourself into a Charm Machine

Male showing off teethMost people will be drawn to you at work and in personal life if you are agreeable, modest and kind. In short, much of your success in life depends on your charm. Here are simple ways to develop yourself into a charming person.

Develop good body language.

When talking to a person, use warm gestures such maintaining eye contact, nodding, and tilting your head. Use a calm voice and tone. Take the pains to develop a great smile too, like visiting a Liverpool dentist for porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Strive for agreement instead of contradiction.

Isn’t it easy to look for ways to take a different side when conversing with a person? Unfortunately, doing so often ends up in an argument.  If you want to be charming, you need to always look for points of agreement. If necessary, express your different opinion gently so as to create an interesting conversation.

Tactfully use the power of touch.

Whenever talking to a person, touch them appropriately and selectively, in a friendly way. For instance, you can shake their hand or gently tap them on the shoulder when congratulating them. Doing so increases the sincerity of your words and makes you more attractive and friendly.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Often, being charming calls for you to admit your faults, even when they seem silly. Be ready to laugh at yourself every once in a while. Being able to accept your mistakes will make people more attracted to you more, not less.  

Being charming will get you more respect and admiration than perhaps any other social trait. By adopting these simple changes, you can start making a pleasant and lasting impression on every one you meet.

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