Weigh Training: Top Myths Women Should Stop Believing Right This Instant

a woman lifting weightsThe mere thought of bulking up like “the Hulk” has long kept plenty of women strapped to the treadmill and away from anything that resembles equipment for weightlifting.

However, this is a huge mistake because weight training can boost your metabolism much better than cardio ever can. It helps build lean muscles and in turn, give you that tight, lean body you’ve always wanted to achieve.

If you’re still on the fence about lifting weights, perhaps due to the many misconceptions that surround it up to this day, below are some of the most common weight training myths debunked.

Weight Training Myth #1: You’ll gain more weight when you lift weights.

This isn’t actually a myth, but more of a misunderstood truth. You’ll really be gaining weight with weight training. Muscle is heavier than fat.

While your scale is telling you that you’re heavy, your mirror and your clothes will be the truth, which is that you look more compact, leaner, and healthier, explains an experienced personal trainer from a top fitness gym in Irmo, SC.

Weight Training Myth #2: Cardio is better for burning fat.

Plenty of studies have shown that weight lifting significantly boosts the number of calories you could burn. This is because out of all the tissues in your body, muscle tissue has the potential to be the most metabolically active, which means that you continue burning calories even after training.

With cardio, however, once you stop moving, you stop burning calories.

Weight Training Myth #3: You’ll look bulky when you lift weights.

This just isn’t possible because women don’t have the necessary testosterone levels to look that bulky. That ripped or bulky look you’re thinking about is the result of years of weight training using heavy weights.

Furthermore, that other lumpy or bulky appearance you might be thinking of typically comes from lifting weights without burning fat or a healthy diet. That leads to muscle mass forming over fat, hence, that bulky look.

The truth: weight training is the best form of exercise for that lean, mean physique. Aside from giving you that toned physique, it also helps improve joint mobility, bone density, as well as body composition.

So ladies, lift each other up and don’t be terrified of lifting weights. Just make certain that you do it right with help from a professional to avoid injury.

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