Microbreweries: Brewing Beer Has Never Been Better

men toasting with beer on the table

men toasting with beer while on the tableMany bars are now offering beers from small breweries that reflect a unique approach to brewing beer. Craft beer and artisanal beers are becoming more popular, and for the new generation who are intent on trying anything original or new, craft beer is here to stay.

Local brewers had a surge in numbers and popularity all over the world. 2017 saw the number of local breweries go up to more than 6,000, more than double compared to 2013.

If you think you can become one of these brewers, it’s best to start small and learn the basics. After which you can go bigger and buy Citra Hops by the pound. But for now, it’s best to understand the local brewing scene first.

Local is Better

Homegrown beers have become a standard feature in most bars. Local beers are numerous and they come in varying flavors. Considering the number of these local beers, you can definitely find one tailored to your tastes.

The novelty of tasting different flavors isn’t the only thing local breweries bring to the table. These brewers can tailor their beers to the tastes of the community. Local beers are specifically made to go together with local dishes specific to your area, or to the tastes of their consumers. This is especially true for brewpubs that match their drinks to the dishes that are on offer.

Local breweries provide jobs and stimulate local economy. You might think that your local brewer might only employ ten people, but even a small brewery creates more jobs and keeps small businesses afloat.

Making Your Beer

Do some research and buy only the basic equipment if you want to start brewing. Brewing is an exact and regulated operation, and small details can disrupt the whole process. Make sure you have the patience and that strict adherence to detail that is needed going into this business. Once you’ve crafted a great flavor, there is nothing like the satisfaction of making beer and sharing it with friends and family.