The Two Kinds of People Who Fish

lucky fisherman holding a beautiful red snapperAmericans are some of the world’s most ardent fishing enthusiasts. This activity deeply entwines in the fabric of American culture, with its practice dating back for as early as the colonial days where all possible means of survival were exhausted amidst scarce food supply.

Even a number of U.S. presidents had taken to fishing, such as George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower. Nowadays, fishing is as popular as ever, more so in Michigan, where fishing gear stores such as D&R Sports Center will hook you up with the latest in fishing equipment.

If you are curious about what types of people fish, here are your answers.

The Meditative Fishing Aficionados

If you fish to relax and feel one with nature, you are part of this group. Reflective fishing aficionados fish not necessarily to catch a bucketful of trout or what-not, they fish to calm their mind and body and tune out the noise of their normally hectic lives.

Patrick Dempsey and Kevin Costner themselves are known to practice fishing for relaxation.

Competitive Fishing Pros

If you fish for prestige, and, possibly, prize money, then this is where you belong, alongside famous personalities such as Jimmy Johnson and Andy Mill. Sport fishing has existed since the 1960s by way of bass tournaments. The first of these happened in Beaver.

Decades later, these tournaments became as popular as ever, with participants said to outnumber tennis players and golfers combined. If you join one of these tournaments, your triumph lies in factors such as weight and number of catch, as well as the type of species caught.

Regardless of your reason for fishing, one thing remains to be true: with at least 25,000 fishable bodies of freshwater in the U.S., fishing proves fun and infinitely rewarding.

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