4 Ways to Enjoy Your First Whale Watching Trip

whale watching in AustraliaWhale watching in Western Australia is one of the top activities for both locals and tourists. If it’s your first time to see the whales in their natural habitat, here are some tips on how to make your trip a great one.

Research on the best time to see the whales.

The best time to see the whales in Western Australia is between May and December. This is when the whales swim close to the continental shelf, giving more people the chance to view them in their natural habitat. When it comes to the time of the day, midday would be your best bet.

Know how to deal with seasickness or motion sickness.

If you often suffer from bad cases of motion sickness, it’s best to talk to your doctor before the trip and get the medication you need. Make sure you take them at the right time, as some medicines need to be taken hours before the actual whale watching the activity.

Don’t skip on breakfast.

Many people, especially those who get the early morning shift for whale watching, often skip on breakfast because they fear they might throw up if they board the boat on a full stomach. Contrary to popular belief, the acid on an empty stomach makes people throw up. So don’t skip on breakfast. But don’t overeat either. Load up on carbs and bring light snacks if you wish.

Pack the essentials.

Don’t bring heavy bags with you, just pack the essentials such as hats, sunscreens, sunglasses, binoculars, drinking water, cameras or smartphones. During the colder months, make sure you wear warm clothes. You can also bring blankets and a hot drink thermos to battle the cold while you watch the whales.

Enjoy the Sights

If you’re planning to document the entire trip on your smartphone, make sure you secure your gadgets in waterproof bags. It is always better to be safe than sorry. But all the more, it is important to enjoy the moment than watching it through your smartphone screen as you record the amazing ride.

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