4 Ways to Make More Space in Your Workshop

Top view of tools

Top view of toolsHave you been having trouble finding the right tools in your workshop? Is your wife going crazy from the mess (which is your tools) in the garage? If you’re the handyman in the family, you probably have dozens of tools for all sorts of projects and no space to store them but a long table against the wall.

Creating space in your workshop or garage can be a challenge. You can use a high-density storage system or add outdoor storage for those extra tools and equipment.

Here are more ideas on how to make space for your collection of handyman toys.

Store High

Have you ever heard of vertical storage? Maximise ceiling space by installing high cabinets for tools and materials you don’t often use like Christmas decorations or camping gear.

Foldable Workbench

When you’re not working on any project, your workbench is just another space waster in your garage. Why not turn it into a contraption that folds into the wall to create more space to move around. All you need are hinges, threaded pipes, flanges, plywood and a handful of screws to create this space-saving hack.

Build Big Cabinets

Have them placed from the ceiling down to make use of the high space and prevent spiders from creating their webs. Create cabinets big and sturdy enough to hold large tools and equipment.

Add Hang-ups

Get ladders out of the way by hanging them up on the ceiling or against a wall. Install heavy-duty hooks to hang larger tools or garden equipment like wheel burrows or big shovels.

You can do one or all of these ideas, depending on how big your workshop is, or how much tools you have. Safety must be a priority by securing any storage system built overhead. Once you’ve organised your mess, show it off to your wife and watch her swoon at your ingeniousness.