Do You Have Hard Water? Know Its Effects on Your Life

water splash

water splashDid you know water can be hard? How? It has dissolved ions of calcium and magnesium after passing through areas such as limestone.

The idea something is in your water is enough to cause trepidation and dread. Fort Wayne water treatment companies tell us more about its potential impact.


Hard water is not a health risk, according to many experts. In fact, it may be helpful for people who are deficient in these trace minerals. But that doesn’t mean it may no longer have any effect on health.

For one, it may increase the risk of eczema, especially among infants. In a UK study among 1,300 babies at least three months old, those who are exposed to high levels of hard water have an 87 percent chance of developing the skin condition. The percentage remains even if the water doesn’t have chlorine.

Living Costs

One of the biggest problems with hard water is scaling. It creates the chalky, grainy deposit you find in pots and pans, as well as appliances that use water such as the washing machine. It forms because of the interaction of the dissolved ions in water with the other minerals in its environment.

Scaling can be a serious problem when doing the laundry. It can cause the premature breakdown of the equipment as crust builds up inside the pipes. It also forces you to use more detergents since many types of soap are ineffective with hard water.

Depending on the level of hardness, hard water can result in color dullness and damage to the fabric.

How to Manage It

More than 80 percent of the homes have a hard water problem, so you’re definitely not alone. The good news is that there are solutions available.

They solve the problem by dealing with two of the root causes. First, they treat the main line, so before the water enters the home, it is already soft. Moreover, they prevent the dissolved ions in water from binding to other compounds.

Know you don’t have to be content with hard water forever. Get it treated to avoid skin problems and save more money and energy.

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