Personalised Jewellery: The Perfect Coming-of-Age Present

Personalised JewelleryEvery culture and country have their own set of coming-of-age rites that demand their own versions of celebrations. The cotillion of the Philippines, the sweet sixteen parties in the US and the Jewish bat mitzvah celebrate women of different ages and yet are all considered coming-of-age ceremonies. One thing in common though is the proper presents and a highly recommended gift would be personalised jewellery. That said, consider these points when choosing that perfect jewellery set.

The Receiver’s Age – Each coming-of-age rite celebrates various ages ranging from 12 to 18-year-old young ladies. It is required when gifting personalised jewellery that it should be appropriate for the receiver to wear; otherwise, they might have to wait a few more years to appreciate your gift. Remember: the younger the recipient, the simpler the design. If you absolutely need to put in a stone, choose a single birthstone with a plain setting and cut.

The Celebrator’s Personality – Most adolescent and teens these days recognise symbols that can reflect their character to others. Some of these include flowers, snowflakes, stars or gems. Consider which symbol best describes your receiver, along with their favourite metal and jewels. You can also use monograms or initials instead. However, don’t go overboard on the designs as simplicity is still the primary rule.

The Recipient’s Style – This factor comes in last since most personalised coming-of-age jewellery pieces are simple but elegant in nature. And though there might be young women who prefer flamboyant and fancy styles, it would not do to have them wear more maturely themed accessories. Discuss with expert jewellery casters what design would go well with the feisty and flighty female if that’s your recipient’s personality, recommends JewelCast Ltd. Otherwise, just stick to straightforward and classy.

Personalising a jewellery piece for a young woman can be a very enjoyable experience, especially when you see her expression upon opening the box. Just remember that if in doubt, have someone ask the celebrator discreetly, not giving away the reason for the query. That way, it will remain a truly wonderful surprise for them on that special day.

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