The Importance of Buying High-Quality Water Tanks

man inspecting a water tankPurchasing a high-quality water tank for your home is important as it promises efficiency, safety, and durability. The good news is that buyers can easily spot one by ensuring it has certification from Australian standards.

How to spot a good quality product

When it comes to buying household products, it is not unusual for the consumers to do a little research. However, they end up finding conflicting recommendations on which products are indeed more efficient and safe. Buyers should note that a higher price tag does not necessarily mean higher standards.

There are reliable ways to determine if a household item is of good quality. Government bodies usually test water tanks by their levels of strength, longevity, safety of rainwater storage, and quality management.

The Australian Standard most manufacturers try to attain is the “AS/NZS 4766” which requires tanks constructed as one-piece without any side seams, have no section being thinner than 4.5mm, and reach a UV8 level Polyethylene UV protection.

You can buy an extensive array of high-quality water tanks here in Perth, Western Australia.

Why higher quality matters in the long run

Many manufacturers would simply claim that their products comply with the main poly standard without providing certification. Customers who have purchased steel and poly water storages alike, which were not “AS/NZS 4766” certified have thus experienced downsides.

The steel ones have had corrosion around the solders, tank strainer, and outlet fitting. The poly ones have become brittle after a few years under the sun. All of this can lead to people contracting diseases, which they could prevent had they known better.

So, if one is looking for a high-quality water tank, they must make sure that their purchase meets the minimum Australian Standard, which lasts 4.5 times longer under the sun, provides proper protection against fading and is less prone to contamination.

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