The Psychology of Packaging

Checking the products

Checking the productsPackaging is the first thing that a prospective customer sees in a product. It is thus essential for products to come in attractive, attention-grabbing boxes or containers.

Industry experts such as value the process that goes into creating high-quality packaging. After all, it gives the brand its name, identity, and information. Most importantly, packages are also a marketing tool that encourages consumers to purchase a particular product.

The Psychology of Packaging

Basic psychology theory is involved in creating the packaging and labels. A product’s package is supposed to influence a consumer’s choice in just a glimpse. Humans respond to what they see within a split second, which creates a behavioural pattern, depending on a series of responses.

A conflict signal happens when the individual does not choose in an instant. He/she then refers to other opinions from family, friends, product reviews, or authorities. In many cases, if the packaging fails to make a good impression, this triggers a conflict signal.

Cigarette Packaging: Reverse Psychology

When it comes to packaging, however, cigarettes tell a different story. Save for the U.S., governments all over the world have changed the rules of packaging and labelling since 2016 because of the serious health risks associated with cigarettes and tobacco. Instead of enticing a person to buy the product, cigarette packaging is now designed to do the opposite to deliver a message to smokers.

Tobacco manufacturers and retailers in Australia have wholly removed cigarette brand logos in their packages and replaced them with graphic images of health consequences. Other countries have followed suit with graphic labels, but have still to remove the brand logos out of the packs. This is one example of how industries use packaging to deliver a message.

Whether to influence the behaviour of buyers or to deliver a warning, packages have proven effective in fulfilling the goal of businesses. Some product boxes or bags, in fact, are more remarkable than the products they contain that the products are remembered more because of them.

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