Two Ways to Maximise Small Office Spaces

employees in the office

employees in the officeSpace matters. It should be a no-brainer that wiggle room should be considered a scarce resource, especially in a shared space such as an office. This can be a nightmare, especially for start-ups that have cramped spaces.

Of course, you do not always have to blow everything up and move out – there are ways to maximise even the tiniest spaces. It can be a matter of using the right storage shelving systems or improving the way you work in your office.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your tiny office space:

Less Paper, Less Storage

Remember when people used to call the TV an “idiot box”, and then said the same thing about the Internet? It is no secret that it is useful. The Internet can help keep your office free of clutter. Why not go paperless? With a good filing system in place, you can spare yourself the hassle of having to sift through numerous pages and free up some space in the process. For instance, sales can be handled via email web forms. Record-keeping is also much easier when you go paperless.

Open Areas

Cubicles are steadily becoming obsolete. With open office spaces becoming the trend, especially in the creative industry, you can adopt this mindset in your small office as well. This is a good way to do more with the little space you have in your facility.

Whilst partitions and cubicles help maintain privacy, these take up a lot of room. The next thing you know, your office feels like a claustrophobic jungle of plastic and metal. By doing away with partitions, you can foster an open environment while maximising your office space.

Who says you can maximise the small space available in your office? Read on to get a few ideas on how to do this.