Video Marketing: The Trending Darling of the Marketing World

Video Marketing collaborationDid you know that including a video on a landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%? Yes, it actually does. In support of this, recent statistics reveal that 92% of consumers online share videos with others, which means increased viral potential. In fact, including a video in emails leads to a 200-300% click-through rate, according to a report by Forrester. No wonder the big sharks are now complementing online marketing strategies in Calgary with video marketing.

What makes video marketing the rising star in the marketing world?

Fantastic SEO benefits

One of Google’s main agenda is to give users a meaningful search experience. This means the search engine giant is constantly on the look-out for rich media which includes useful content and videos. Besides, the fact that they own YouTube increases the popularity of videos, as well as their ranking in search results.

Video marketing stimulates your ROI

A whopping 76% of businesses report that video marketing shows a high return on investment. Video production may not be the easiest or the cheapest task. It, however, pays off big time. Production cost shouldn’t be an excuse since nowadays, smartphones can make incredibly good videos.

Easy for the brain to process

Do you have a difficult concept in mind? Try animated videos. The ability to play around with videos has made this format attractive. Animation has a way of bringing complex ideas to life that no text can. Instead of overloading people with so much clutter, an animated video will capture your audience’s attention.

The combination of simplicity, nostalgia, and entertainment that video marketing possesses that has given online marketing a breath of fresh air. It’s easy for the brain to process and draws customers. Try it!

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