Experience the Fun in Singapore during the June Holidays

June is just around the corner and with it, the much-anticipated school holidays. For the next few weeks at least, parents won’t hear the words, “I’m bored!” from their kids. As the mid-year school break rolls around again, families have an opportunity to spend more time with Read more

Telltale Signs You Need to Go on Holiday

Many times, you would be grossly engaged in a pipe dream where you are in some place far away from where you are right now. It is a place where work is meaningless, and relaxation is a priority. Unfortunately, the world does not function that way. There are Read more

Excuses Patients Give to Avoid Dental Treatments

Dental implants and other similar treatments are available for anyone who wants to have a great smile. However, there are those who avoid these treatments even if they need it. These are the common excuses most people have when they don't want to visit their dentist. Lack of Read more

Body’s Training Manual: A New Vaccine for HIV?

Posted on by Herbert Neagle in Health | Comments Off on Body’s Training Manual: A New Vaccine for HIV?

Scientists in the United States have recorded the body’s “training manual” for attacking HIV.

As medical experts explain it, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) mutates to survive the attacks of the body’s immune system. When someone is infected, the body releases antibodies to attack the viruses. The viruses, on the other hand, evade these attacks by mutating. The body then produces new ones and the cycle goes on.

“Even though the virus mutates and there are literally millions of quasi-species of virus because of all these mutations, but there are parts the virus can’t change otherwise the virus cannot infect – these are the vulnerable sites.” said Professor Barton Haynes of Duke University

Some researchers, however, believe that if you inject a person with vaccines that encourage the body to produce these “neutralizing antibodies,” then it can give immunity to HIV. Check out BBC’s post for more information about this amazing discovery.

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NRA-Supported School Safety Review Proposes To Arm Teachers

Posted on by Monique Gates in Education and Training | Comments Off on NRA-Supported School Safety Review Proposes To Arm Teachers

A task force that the National Rifle Association supports has put forth recommendations to develop school safety. These include a recommendation to allow school staff to carry firearms, and train teachers to police the school premises with the objective of lessening the response time in times of crises.

The National School Shield Program Asa Hutchinson disclosed the panel’s eight proposals. These include the recommendation to come up with a model training program for armed school staff. Hutchinson also said the authority proposed arming school personnel, including teachers, granted that they pass a background check and finish a training program.

Hutchinson added that teachers ought to teach, but if there are personnel that have good experience, that show an interest in it, and are willing to undergo this training, then it is a right resource that an educational institution should be able to utilize. The analysis not only delved into the practices existing at some schools, but also looked into the modifications to technology and surveillance that could improve safety in schools.

Read more about the story from Yahoo! News.

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Apple Cleans Up From The Inside

Posted on by Colleen Waddell in Information | Comments Off on Apple Cleans Up From The Inside

Apple was widely criticized for releasing a substandard mapping services application last fall. This is an unlikely action from the revolutionary software company but that’s what it did with Apple Maps. While recovering from the widespread ridicule, Apple is not giving up the fight. It took the initiative to buy an indoor location positioning developer called the WifiSLAM to improve their mapmaking credibility. This time, WifiSLAM’s tech approach is different and Apple is banking on its tools to create a state-of-the-art indoor-mapping product.

Apple is a brand with a long history of ups and downs and it is remembered by consumers more for its success than its failures. With the recent setback on its mapping app, it still has a long way to run to catch up. Many appreciated CEO Tim Cook’s gesture to publicly apologize for the mistake. He has assured loyal fans of the brand that acquiring WiFiSLAM marks the first step to Apples recovery to the top. Peter Suciu from MacNewsWorld has more of the story.

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The Importance Of Taking A Break From Your Kids

Posted on by Linda Knight in Services | Comments Off on The Importance Of Taking A Break From Your Kids

Having kids is a goal in many people’s lives, but it is often difficult for them to imagine just how much their lives will change afterward. New parents tell horror stories about being woken up at night and how long and busy days eat up all of their free time, but those are often dismissed as exaggerations. Those who have been parents longer know it is true; it is easy to let their social lives dissipate in the face of mounting childcare obligations. But as Healthy Place shows in “Personal Time for Parents Is a Necessity,” having kids does not have to mean abandoning your friends and free time.

Many parents have difficulty taking time for themselves; they feel guilty, as if they are somehow abandoning their children by not being around constantly. But taking time off now and then is actually healthy, both for you and your children. You can use that time to relax and enjoy yourself, rather than worrying about keeping everything in the vicinity child-oriented. You will also have time to maintain connections with your friends and family, enjoy your hobbies, and do whatever you want or need to do.

Taking a break now and then will also help your child’s development. Many children have separation anxiety, especially when they are young, and small steps such as leaving them with a babysitter for a few hours can be an excellent start to curing them of that. If they are not prepared, they will be in for a shock when they start school and don’t see you all day. These breaks can also be opportunities for them to develop their own interests, rather than relying on you to provide entertainment. Encourage them to join a club, start a hobby, or just make friends to hang out with. Such friendships can guide their formative years, and will go a long way toward helping them become happy and healthy adults.

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How To Approach Paying Kids An Allowance

Posted on by Tyrone Archibeque in Finance | Comments Off on How To Approach Paying Kids An Allowance

How children are raised depends on the values their parents hold dear, which is why there are so many different results. The difference can be easily noted when it comes to managing finances, as people approach it differently and instill their ideas about it in their children. Time takes a look in “Kids and Allowance: The Debate that Divides Us” at the different approaches people use.

Some parents simply give their children a weekly allowance. Others try to teach their children the value of money by making them earn a regular allowance. Children might earn it by doing chores, getting good grades, and so on. But under both circumstances, the money is still left in the hands of the children, who are far more inclined toward impulse buying than saving for anything in particular.

Thus some parents take over handling that money by putting it in savings or investing it and teaching children what the results are. But lessons are best learned from experience, not from watching someone else do something; children are unlikely to feel that the money is really theirs if they have no control over it, and thus will not pay as much attention to the lessons.

Choosing the right approach requires striking a delicate balance, one which will likely depend on the intelligence and temperament of the child involved. For those parents who are trying to teach their children how to save money, one approach that may work involves getting the child interested in an enticing toy. Then, by putting aside part of their allowance every week, they can learn that persistence and frugality will pay off in the long run. If they can learn that lesson, they will have a much easier time in life.

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Rules For Spring Break Safety

Posted on by Linda Knight in Services | Comments Off on Rules For Spring Break Safety

It is time for Spring Break at most schools, and children everywhere are looking forward to a week-long vacation from school. Many of them will be staying home or visiting family, but it is common among teens, especially towards the end of high school, to go with their friends somewhere for Spring Break. But while that offers teens a rare opportunity for freedom, their parents are undoubtedly worrying about their inability to watch over their teens at this time. Teens are known for making foolish decisions, especially during Spring Break, but Ehow shares in “How to Keep Your Teen Safe on Spring Break” a few tips on how parental guidelines can help keep teens safe.

Teens are likely to be drinking when on vacation with their friends, especially if their friends are pressuring them to do so. So parents cannot simply tell their teens not to drink; to truly prepare them for the trip, parents should offer advice and guidelines on what to do when drinking. For instance, teens should be warned to stick with friends, and not go anywhere with a stranger. They should keep a list of local numbers they might need, such as the police, a hospital, and a cab company.

If teens are unfamiliar with the area they are going to, a little preparation before the trip will be helpful. Check out reviews of local restaurants and businesses to find out if any have a bad reputation. See if any particular areas are known to be tourist traps; there may be people there who would prey on tourists, and no one wants their trip ruined by losing money or important items. With a few safety precautions, teens will be able to enjoy their new independence safely, and Spring Break will be the start of many safe vacations for them.

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How To Balance Travel Methods

Posted on by Araceli ONeill in Hot Spots | Comments Off on How To Balance Travel Methods

Many people like to travel when they get some time off, and there are numerous destinations to suit every kind of traveler. Some people want to go camping, others prefer to explore European culture and history, and some prefer to travel to enjoy specific sporting or outdoor activities. But no matter what kind of trip it is, it requires careful planning to ensure you don’t inadvertently go over your budget. Wikihow suggests in “How to Calculate Cost of Travel” some essential considerations to keep in mind when planning a trip.

First, you may want to consider what travel methods are available. This invariably involves balancing how much time and money you are willing to spend, as well as how much convenience you want. For traveling long distances, flying is unparalleled as a quick way of getting to your destination. But once you have your ticket, you are pretty much locked in to leave at that time; changing to a different flight will be a hassle and may involve paying extra fees. It is also fairly convenient, as many large cities have airports, but if you are planning to travel much at your destination then you will have to rent a car there or look into local public transport options. That convenience and speed comes at a price: flying is nearly always the most expensive way of getting around.

Driving is generally a cheaper option, but it takes more time to get to your destination and you will be more tired when you get there. On the other hand, you will have the luxury of taking any detours that interest you, and when you arrive at your destination you will have the comfort of driving your own car around. You will also be able to make more flexible travel arrangements, as you can delay your trip or leave early, as you like.

Bus and train travel can offer intermediate options. Both allow you to travel at a car’s speed, or faster, without the tiring effect of driving the whole distance yourself. But the ticket price may be more expensive than driving, and you will still need a method of transportation when you get to your destination. Each travel method has its advantages and disadvantages; the details of your trip will help you decide which one is right for you.

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