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Do You Have Hard Water? Know Its Effects on Your Life

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water splashDid you know water can be hard? How? It has dissolved ions of calcium and magnesium after passing through areas such as limestone.

The idea something is in your water is enough to cause trepidation and dread. Fort Wayne water treatment companies tell us more about its potential impact.


Hard water is not a health risk, according to many experts. In fact, it may be helpful for people who are deficient in these trace minerals. But that doesn’t mean it may no longer have any effect on health.

For one, it may increase the risk of eczema, especially among infants. In a UK study among 1,300 babies at least three months old, those who are exposed to high levels of hard water have an 87 percent chance of developing the skin condition. The percentage remains even if the water doesn’t have chlorine.

Living Costs

One of the biggest problems with hard water is scaling. It creates the chalky, grainy deposit you find in pots and pans, as well as appliances that use water such as the washing machine. It forms because of the interaction of the dissolved ions in water with the other minerals in its environment.

Scaling can be a serious problem when doing the laundry. It can cause the premature breakdown of the equipment as crust builds up inside the pipes. It also forces you to use more detergents since many types of soap are ineffective with hard water.

Depending on the level of hardness, hard water can result in color dullness and damage to the fabric.

How to Manage It

More than 80 percent of the homes have a hard water problem, so you’re definitely not alone. The good news is that there are solutions available.

They solve the problem by dealing with two of the root causes. First, they treat the main line, so before the water enters the home, it is already soft. Moreover, they prevent the dissolved ions in water from binding to other compounds.

Know you don’t have to be content with hard water forever. Get it treated to avoid skin problems and save more money and energy.

Why You Should Invest in a Rainwater Storage Tank

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rainwater tanksAs more people are becoming conscious of the consistent change in climate, particularly rainfall pattern all over Australia, many have started acting upon their observations. You likely have noticed how water restrictions have become tighter and more rigorous yourself. And it’s time that you plan and prepare now, especially when it comes to dealing with the scarcity of water supply and rising costs.

One way to prepare your household is making the most of rainwater through recycling. Through a rainwater container system, like a poly storage tank, you can do your part in conserving and preserving the environment, while also enjoying a number of benefits.

Key to self-sufficiency

Regardless of the size of the tank you install, it already provides you with a way to become self-sufficient. Of course, the bigger the storage solution, the more water you can gather and use at home.

Think about it: An average Australian home with a rainwater tank can minimise their local water supply usage by up to 100,000 litres every year. This amount only covers the potentially harvested water from the roof. Imagine how much more you can save and store for later use from other collection methods. What you collect with the tank, you can then use for offsetting your household water budget.

Use for a variety of applications

You can use the water you accumulate for almost anything you usually need water for. For instance, you can use it for flushing the toilet, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the house and car, and tending to your lawn or garden. There are even types of systems that help preserve the quality of the water, so it’ll remain safe for human consumption.

The list of functions of these water storage containers is much more extensive than what’s discussed above, but you should already have a general idea of just how beneficial they are.

The Importance of Buying High-Quality Water Tanks

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man inspecting a water tankPurchasing a high-quality water tank for your home is important as it promises efficiency, safety, and durability. The good news is that buyers can easily spot one by ensuring it has certification from Australian standards.

How to spot a good quality product

When it comes to buying household products, it is not unusual for the consumers to do a little research. However, they end up finding conflicting recommendations on which products are indeed more efficient and safe. Buyers should note that a higher price tag does not necessarily mean higher standards.

There are reliable ways to determine if a household item is of good quality. Government bodies usually test water tanks by their levels of strength, longevity, safety of rainwater storage, and quality management.

The Australian Standard most manufacturers try to attain is the “AS/NZS 4766” which requires tanks constructed as one-piece without any side seams, have no section being thinner than 4.5mm, and reach a UV8 level Polyethylene UV protection.

You can buy an extensive array of high-quality water tanks here in Perth, Western Australia.

Why higher quality matters in the long run

Many manufacturers would simply claim that their products comply with the main poly standard without providing certification. Customers who have purchased steel and poly water storages alike, which were not “AS/NZS 4766” certified have thus experienced downsides.

The steel ones have had corrosion around the solders, tank strainer, and outlet fitting. The poly ones have become brittle after a few years under the sun. All of this can lead to people contracting diseases, which they could prevent had they known better.

So, if one is looking for a high-quality water tank, they must make sure that their purchase meets the minimum Australian Standard, which lasts 4.5 times longer under the sun, provides proper protection against fading and is less prone to contamination.

5 Tips to Ease Your Baby’s Teething Discomfort

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baby holding a teetherTeething is often a frustrating time for babies and their caregivers. Many kids are extra cranky or irritable during this time. Other infants may develop sore or tender gums. The following tips can help ease your baby’s teething discomfort:

1. Soothe the sore gums.

If your child is cranky, the best way to calm them is to put some pressure on their gums. Massage the sore gums with a clean finger or a small, cold spoon. You can also gently rub the gums with a cool, wet gauze pad or washcloth.

If your baby is still irritable and in pain, after you soothe their gums, consult a pediatric dentist in Murray.

2. Wipe their face with a cloth.

Drooling is a common symptom of teething. If your infant is drooling, wipe their face with a clean cloth to remove the drool and avert a rash.

3. Give the baby an object to chew on.

Teething babies love to bite or chew on hard objects. Give them an appropriate teething ring or a cold apple.

4. Give the infant cool, soft foods.

Teething kids often lose appetite. If your child is already eating solids, you should give them food such as yogurt and applesauce.

5. Give the child a suitable painkiller.

If your baby is very cranky or uncomfortable, and they are over six months old, you may give them acetaminophen or ibuprofen to ease the teething pain. However, talk to your baby’s doctor before you give these medications.

Never give your baby aspirin or place any painkiller against their gums or teeth. Also, avoid teething powders and homeopathic remedies.

When baby teeth begin to erupt, some infants barely whimper. Others get cranky and may experience several other symptoms. If your baby experiences some teething discomfort, keep them as comfortable as possible during this passing phase.

Consult a pediatric dentist if you can’t soothe your child or if they have a fever, diarrhea or are vomiting. You should also call a doctor if your baby looks sick, is very sleepy, or has any other symptom that bothers you.

Dental Implants: Home Care Guide You Need to Review

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A smiling dentistThe beauty of dental implants is it having an appearance similar to natural teeth. It’s not prone to cavities, so there are no chances of being infected. Dental implants, however, are also subject to natural wear and tear. Therefore, proper care and maintenance should be observed at all times.

After getting dental implants, explains that your dentist should give some instructions afterward so you know how to take care of them (including your overall dental health) on your own.

1. Regular oral care

It looks like natural teeth, so natural cleaning methods should also be observed. Regular brushing and flossing are the most common and effective ways to maintain an overall healthy mouth and implants.

2. Oral Irrigators

While it might be free from cavities, having implants means you’re prone to certain kind of infections and inflammation. To prevent this, dentists recommend using oral irrigators to clean hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. This will make sure that no spot is left uncleaned, preventing the formation of infection that might affect your implants.

3. Night guards

If you grind your teeth at night, your dentist might recommend wearing a night guard. Not only will it help you stop teeth grinding significantly, it will also help protect your implants from excessive forces due to friction.

4. Dentist visits

Regular dental visits are necessary. Regardless of how religiously you clean your teeth daily, there are things that only a dentist can see and do. Therefore, never skip your regular dental appointments.

Do you have a dental implant or are you planning to have one? Always make sure that you do your part in taking care of it and maintaining it to prevent complications from arising in the future.

Break the Cycle: Getting Out of a Destructive Habit

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A rehabilitation groupIt’s not always fun to have a habit. It’s good if it means that you’re getting better because of it, but not if it’s destructive. When an addiction to something — like smoking cigarettes or drinking liquor — starts to become a bad habit, you need to knock it off. You also need to have the conviction to swear off it for the rest of your life.

Getting Off the Horse

Now, how do you get off a damaging habit? It’s easy if you know how to nip it off the bud before it starts. The real struggle is if it starts to become a part of your everyday routine.

Getting away from your bad habits is an everyday struggle. Carus Recovery noted that even by simply checking into a drug and alcohol rehab center is already a big step.

Here’s how you can avoid or erase your destructive habits:

  1. Make a commitment to kick it. If you’re going to kick off a habit, you need to decide to kick it — for good. Half-hearted efforts usually fail. A solid focus is necessary, as well as resilience to follow through on your goal.
  2. Avoid activities that encourage returning. Even simple changes to your everyday routine can make a big difference. The biggest causes of developing a habit are stress and boredom. Even changing this could give your effort a big boost.
  3. Place reminders. Giving yourself steady reminders of your effort is great. Place it where you can read it daily — your room, your fridge, or your work desk. You can also create a replacement to be reminded every day even if it’s the same thing.
  4. Replacing with a positive activity. Every time you get an urge to return to your habit, do something else instead. Exercise or any other positive activity is a good substitute.
  5. Avoid temptation. The biggest trigger to returning to your regular bad habit is giving in to temptation. It is hard, but with the right dedication and focus, you will overcome.

The decision, of course, will have to come from you. To improve your life and get started on the path to becoming better, you should overcome habits that would only make you feel bad about yourself.

Dream Sports Car: Buy Your Very Own Porsche 911

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Silver 911 PorscheFor many enthusiasts, the Porsche 911 comes to mind when thinking of a good example for one of the best sports cars of all time. In fact, you may want a Porsche 911 for yourself to drive in NYC. In fact, some look forward to purchasing a 911 sports car without a perfectly logical reason.

Collectors and enthusiasts usually want a 911 based on their emotional motives. Despite the sentiments, however, you will have to calculate the purchasing process seriously by itself.

Choose Vintage or Modern

The 911 has a rich history, which explains its numerous variants and special editions. It’s not impossible for you to be confused when picking a specific 911 to buy.

To make things easier, you have to decide whether you’ll get a vintage or a more recent model. Vintage models make for great investments and are unique collectibles, although you may have to subject them to restoration or repairs. Newer iterations, on the other hand, have the best horsepower.

Vintage: Pick a Type Number

When you choose a vintage, you can narrow your options by learning its different type numbers. The 993 911s, for example, came out in 1993 and are characterized by their plastic bumpers and lying-down headlights. You can pick the 911 type number that you most resonate with. You also have to consider the condition of the car to calculate for repairs or restoration.

Modern: Match Your Needs

For modern 911s, you simply have to set a budget and find a model that suits your needs. You can find many pre-owned 911s on the market, although a brand new 911 can be great as well if you want the latest upgrades. The 2017 911, in particular, has a significant update you may want to have.

Finalize the Type

Finally, for both vintage and modern 911s, you have to choose the type. These include the Coupe, Convertible or Cabriolet, Speedster, and Targa. Again, you can pick a type based on your preferences and needs.

A 911 can be one of the best cars you can ever own, so take your time in choosing to find one you love.

Understanding Vision Insurance Plans

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Doctor checking the eye of a childFor you to maintain your eye health, routine examinations are necessary. They help preserve your vision and safeguard the health of your eyes. These exams might, however, be costly — especially for those who wear contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses.

They can be more affordable through getting a vision insurance plan. notes that this type of insurance provides eyewear and eye care individually or through your employer, social health plan, or school district. Here are some facts to help you understand this insurance plan.

How can you get vision insurance?

Vision insurance is a benefit added to your health maintenance organization (HMO), preferred provider organization (PPO), or indemnity health insurance plans. Indemnity insurance allows you to access a health care provider of your choice.

An HMO consists of a group of healthcare professionals that offer health care services at a discounted rate to their members. PPOs also provide health services to their members at discounted prices, but unlike with an HMO, members can opt to get care elsewhere but at higher costs.

What are the types of vision insurance?

There are two kinds of insurance. A vision benefits package offers members eye care at a discounted cost and small co-pay. This is after holders pay yearly premiums.

Discount vision plans work in more or less the same way as vision benefits packages. You, however, get about 15–35% discounts rather than the extensive coverage in a vision benefits package.

What services are covered under a vision insurance plan?

A majority of vision plans include eyeglass frames, contact lenses, eye examinations and eyeglass lenses. They also cover PRK and LASIK at low rates. The discounts differ from one provider to another. Services procured from a professional within your network have significant discounts.

If the insurance is accessible through your employer, they can deduct it from your payroll. Individual policyholders pay monthly or yearly. Ensure you understand the specific terms of your vision plan before signing up.

Here’s a Good Way to Enjoy Additional Space in Your Home

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A garden storage shedMany homeowners face the dilemma of having to sort their items and identify which to keep and which to either give or throw away. This goes along with the effort to maintain a neat and organised home. The good thing is you can now easily create more space and retain an uncluttered house to boot.

Why shed storage could work for you

Achieving cleanliness and allocating an area for each item you own can sure be a tough task to handle. However, with the advent of additional storage solutions, such as a shipping container shed by DomeShelter Australia, you have several options in creating more space in your home. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

You won’t have to pay monthly fees

With a container shed, you just need to pay the amount for its creation and then the unit is yours to use and keep for many years to come.

Made of steel, shipping containers are very strong and durable

They can also stand up to all types of weather. These qualities make them ideal to be used for storage or shed in your home or property. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose which one works best for you.

A shed is situated right on your property

This means you can have your things within easy access without making a trip to town.

It can be customised according to your specifications

Whether you want to add windows or other additional features, your requests can be followed through by your chosen supplier. This customisation option can help you make a space that definitely suits your needs.

Lastly, this type of storage solution can be improved and upgraded any time you wish. You can also choose to purchase more than one container shed, so you can have all the extra space you and your family could possibly need. Say goodbye to clutter and start enjoying your home more with this unique storage solution.

3 Places to Celebrate the New Year in Singapore

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New Year celebration fireworksFinding the right spot to welcome the New Year with a view of the fireworks and parties can be tricky. What’s great about Singapore is that almost everywhere you turn, you can find yourself smack dab in the middle of an ongoing party, particularly during New Year’s Eve.

Here are some of the favourite party hotspots for that perfect New Year’s Eve celebration.

Bash by the beach

Every year, both locals and tourists alike flock over to fill the beaches of Singapore. And the last day of the year is one of those that see the biggest flock, as they all gather to welcome in the New Year.

Dancing and merriment await in Singapore’s man-made beaches, as there will undoubtedly be a lot of fun in the foam pool or the sandy dance floors. Apart from the fun of dancing, there is also usually an onslaught of DJs, personalities, and a lot of fireworks to make it a night to remember.

Epicurean year ender

Are you the type to prefer watching the fireworks from a good vantage point, dining with your significant other or a few close friends? An intimate way to celebrate the countdown party in Singapore is to find yourself in one of the rooftop bars around the city.

As a city, Singapore is already well-known for its nightlife on regular days. When New Year’s Eve strikes, the many bars and restaurants transform to accommodate the holiday. Some bars and restaurants offer specific experiences that cater to different senses. The beauty of the numerous bars in Singapore is that you can choose the vibe that you want to celebrate in. Some of Singapore’s bars are known for their all-night dance raves, while others offer a more intimate and cosy way to celebrate.

When choosing the place where you will spend a countdown party in Singapore, try rooftop bars or open-air restaurants. Not only do they provide different ambience depending on your preference, but it is also a great way to see the fireworks when the clock strikes midnight.

Celebrate in Sentosa

Sentosa comes alive during the countdown to the New Year. Sentosa comes alive during the New Year’s Eve as it fills with shopping, dining, and a lot of visual treats, making it the perfect place to stay up and greet the New Year.

Whether you prefer quiet moments leading to the New Year or a banging party to draw in all the good luck, Singapore is a great place to find that great spot.