The Simple Elegance of Glass Balustrades

Balustrades are usually made with wood and metal. But if you want to give to your home a more elegant look, install glass balustrades. Wood and metal may have their own distinctive appeal, but there’s just something about glass fittings that make any structure look larger than life.

Functional BeautyGlass Balustrades

Commonly found in hotels, resorts, and other commercial buildings, glass balustrades are used in staircases, balconies, and swimming pools. They are used in areas that require fencing systems. Generally, balustrades are useful as barriers, but with the glass, you get the added benefit of an uninterrupted view of the surroundings. Glass balustrades provide your home interior the illusion of more space, making the area look more spacious than it actually is. And since glass can disperse light, glass balustrades allow your home to maximise natural lighting.

Safe and Strong

According to Absolute Balustrades, glass balustrades are perfectly safe. Modern glass technology has enabled the production of glass panels that are practically as strong as steel. This results in glass balustrades and railings that are very durable and long-lasting. In case of breakage, which is quite rare, they don’t break off into small, jagged pieces. Moreover, glass balustrades won’t emit harmful substances over time, unlike, say, corroding metal. The fittings that secure the glass panels are mostly made from high grade stainless steel or aluminium, which are environmentally safe.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Glass balustrades are easy to install. The job simply involves fitting the glass panels onto a railing. A professional glass balustrade and railing provider can make the installation fast, easy, and without too much interruption. You can have these balustrades installed, whether you’re constructing your new home or making some renovations. After that, they only require very minimal maintenance. The glass panels are very easy to clean. All you need to do is spray the surface with a glass cleaner before wiping the panels.

In terms of design, these glass fittings are very versatile. They are available in different textures, colours, and framing options. Due to their transparency, glass balustrades are stylistically neutral. This means they can fit any home design.

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