3 Common Burglar Strategies You Should Know

home security systemsOther than installing home security systems, getting inside the mind of a burglar is the best strategy for crime prevention. Burglars think like anyone else. They make decisions on a risk-reward basis. You can make the right choices and identify weak points in your home’s security systems if you understand how intruders operate and break into a property.

To make your home burglar-free, keep these common burglar strategies in mind when planning home security:

Picking the Easiest House to Rob

According to authorities, burglars break in in two ways. They either rob a house randomly or scope out the neighborhood in advance. Whichever way, one thing is for sure: they pick a house that is easy to rob. This is why you need to make sure your home doesn’t look like it welcomes everyone. The appearance of your house is crucial in deterring burglars. It can either attract robbers or deter them. So make your house appear like it’s not worth robbing. Install home security systems in your property, park your fancy car inside the garage, and close your blinds at all times. Put up a “Beware of Dog” sign and post security stickers in your property.

Avoiding Attention

As burglars want to get in and out of a property as quickly as possible, they will do everything just to avoid attracting attention. Once they get inside a house, they will most likely hide in dark areas and in small spaces. Make it hard for burglars to hide themselves by installing lights in the dark areas of your property. Dogs are also a good burglar deterrent as they can sense motion.

Choose an Empty House

A house with no security systems is an ideal break-in spot for burglars, but an empty house is a jackpot. Empty properties are at a higher risk of home invasion. Burglars can take their time breaking into an empty house and they can also choose what they want to take without any pressure. To fight this, use an appliance timer switch to make an illusion that someone is staying at home. You can also ask a relative or a good friend to stay in your house while you are away.

Break-ins may not only cause loss of property and personal belongings, they can also lead to physical altercations with the suspect and worse, death. Remember, when intruders break into a property, they are often unconcerned about the safety of anyone they come across. So make your home as burglar-free as possible. Search online to learn more about home security.

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