4 Parts of Your Tow Truck That Need to Be in Top Shape at All Times

truck towing a carWhen you run a towing company, it’s essential to keep your trucks in good shape to reduce downtime and boost profits. Keeping your trucks well maintained also ensures the safety of your drivers and that of other road users.

Before your trucks leave your premises on towing assignments, make sure that the following parts are in excellent shape.

1. Lights

The lights of your tow truck make it more visible to other road users, especially at night or during foggy conditions. The lights also help the driver see the road better. That plays a huge role in boosting safety. Opt for wireless tow lights as cables don’t do too well in freezing temperatures.

2. Brakes

Never tow a load when unsure whether your truck brakes are in good condition. Tow trucks are incredibly heavy, and driving one that has worn brakes can hugely compromise the safety of road users, especially those in smaller vehicles.

Keep in mind that you need more stopping distance when towing, so you need to have brakes that work perfectly.

3. The cooling system

All that extra weight you are carrying gets your vehicle heated, so you need to make sure that your truck’s cooling system is working just fine. A faulty system could result in a meltdown. So check the radiator, water pump, cooling fan and the thermostat occasionally to make sure that they are functioning well.

4. Tires

Tires are important for the safety of any vehicle, especially heavy ones. They determine how well the truck performs, and it could be a hazard if worn or wrongly aligned.

Tire blowouts or tears are more dangerous when they occur while you are towing. Keep inspecting the tires for any signs of failure and deal with the situation promptly.

As an entrepreneur, it is part of your obligations to keep your drivers and other road users safe at all times. Usually, a few hours dedicated to the maintenance of your tow trucks each month can make the biggest difference.