4 Ways to Protect Your Boat from Sun Damage

Motor boatAs great sunny weather can be, the heat can cause devastating effects on your boat. Not only can it affect the gel coat, it can also cause damage to the seats and other parts of your sea vessel. As the boat owner, you are in a position to protect your investment from potential heat damage. Here are some tips:

Use a Boat Cover

Covers are the most cost-effective ways to protect your boat from sun damage and other weather extremes. Head down to your local boat gear retail outlet or look for one online that best fits your needs. There are plenty of online stores offering many types of boat covers, like these Bass Tracker boat covers for sale.

Apply Gel Coat

The surface of your boat will be subject to abuse and salt or sun exposure. It’s only wise to give it an extra layer of protection. If your boat is made of fiberglass, applying a generous layer of gel coat offers a cost-effective solution. The material not only provides a high-quality finish, it also protects the fiberglass from potential damage.

Rub Vinyl Protectant on Seats

Most boats have vinyl upholstery. And while the material is durable on its own, it pays to care for your boat’s vinyl seats. One of the best products on the market that fulfills that purpose is a vinyl protectant. The material protects your boat’s seats from harsh sunlight.

Keep Boat in the Garage

Having a dedicated garage space is a critical requirement for boat owners. Much like your car, your boat needs shelter from the elements and external threats, too. Make sure you that your boat fits properly in the garage to prevent scratches or logistical challenges.

Taking the steps to reduce sun damage to your boat is just one of the many responsibilities of being a boat owner. Enjoy your marine investment for years to come by following these tips.