Appreciating the Different Areas of Commercial Diving Services

Underwater repairman preparingThe most common type of professional diving services available today, commercial diving covers a wide area. These include underwater inspection, underwater repairs, and underwater maintenance, among others. Let this article enlighten you.

Underwater Inspection Services

Underwater inspection involves the evaluation of the current condition of a submerged structure to determine the extent of the required repairs or maintenance. Regular inspections are performed by an experienced commercial diving services team to establish if some repair work is necessary. The usual problems identified include corrosion in the metal components of the structure, and cracking in concrete parts. After an inspection dive, a written report is prepared. It will contain the findings as well as the recommended plan of action.

Underwater inspection services include the inspection of the following: FERC, potable water tank, traveling water screen, valve and gate, raw water intake, trash rack, concrete, piping systems, stoplog and bulkhead, service water, circulating water, and ire and pump system.

Underwater Maintenance

The most common types of maintenance services provided are cleaning and dredging that are intended to sustain the underwater structure’s life. Usually, the assigned divers have the necessary certifications to perform a wide variety of maintenance-related jobs. Various state-of-the-art cleaning equipment are used to get rid of unwanted deposits that can adversely affect the functionality of the structure. In many cases, underwater maintenance is just a matter of keeping everything clean, and free of any unwanted build-up. But, that is something that is easier said than done.

Underwater Repairs

At one time or another, all underwater structures will need some repair. While regular inspection and maintenance will help minimize the effects of cracking, corrosion, and scour, the environmental threats will eventually take their toll on the structure. Thus, the designated commercial divers must have the skills and experience for the required repair jobs.

When looking for commercial diving service providers for your underwater project, keep these things in mind and always do your research to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your project.


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