Benefits of Using Stillage Cages

Metal Stillage Cage With Carboard BoxesOne of the must-have facilities in a warehouse or transport vehicle is a stillage cage. A stillage cage ensures that your products are safe and sound when in your store or when being transported to the market.

Storage providers like list down the following benefits of using these caging systems for your business.

Easy handling of goods

If you install a stillage cage in your store or your transport vehicle, placing, removing and restocking goods becomes easier. These cages ensure that there is minimal or no damage to your products. Moreover, these are fitted with handling points that allow you to move and load them easily, providing you with efficient transport.

Space management

Aside from handling your goods in the best way possible, stillage cages also allow you to manage the space in your warehouse better. They can be customised to fit in almost every space available space in your store. You can also stock stillage cases over each other to save more space. Stillage cages can also be dismantled quickly to save valuable space.


As a business, your primary goal is to make sure that your products reach your clients free of any damage. Stillage cages ensure that your goods remain intact in the whole course of its storage and delivery. These cages are manufactured in various types to suit different storage requirements.

These benefits show why many business owners use stillage cages for storing and transporting their goods. It is essential that you deliver only high-quality goods to your customers. This way, not only do you promote the credibility of your business but also give your business a competitive advantage in your industry.

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