Corporate Events that Truly Wow: How to Organise Them

An Organised Corporate EventAre you the chair for organising your company’s corporate event? When it comes to organising an unforgettable corporate event, there are three things you can focus on that can make all the difference: the venue, the food and the event materials.

The Event Materials

Beauty is in the details. UC graduate Caitlin Judd advises event planners not to underestimate the importance of your event’s finer details.

Surprise your participants with how well-thought of your event materials are from the folders to the pen and the ID lanyards. Make sure that your materials are fully customised for the event and are attractive enough for participants to want to take home.

A secret little tip: give a bit more focus on the lanyard design. These unassuming cords are actually the perfect marketing tool that your participants will take home. As they hang on your participant’s necks during the whole conference, your brand will be visible anywhere your participants are. You can go for the unique cords like the executive woven lanyards and duoflex lanyards produced by established businesses such as the Lanyards Factory.

The Food

The food served should be an experience in itself. Do your guests a favour and do not go for the dry catering that usually goes with conferences. They travelled far for your event and will want to eat decent food. Go beyond that, and you’ll find happier participants joining your activities. If your event has a theme, find a caterer that can incorporate that theme in the presentation of the food.  Make sure that you ask participants about dietary restrictions way ahead of schedule so that you will not have any surprises (and complaints) on the day of the event.

The Venue

The venue sets the tone for the whole affair. As soon as your participants set foot at the entrance, they should already expect something grand from the looks of the venue alone. Choose a venue that has its own stunning features prior to you decorating it for the event. Rent a venue that has different areas for different functions. Aside from the convening area, it would be better to have a separate dining area or cocktail area to allow your participants to network. Make sure that there are amenities for everyone’s needs and do not forget about the WiFi!

Try it. Give these three a little bit more focus, and you will find happier participants who would love to RSVP to your next event. They might even copy a few things from your event.

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