Creative And Meaningful Ways To Honor A Loved One’s Memory

Mourning man

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the time to heal may extend for years after a loved one’s passing. After all, each person responds to and deals with the loss in his or her own unique way, and that’s okay.

The healing process is a long and difficult journey, but some things can help bring you peace while memorializing your loved one, like putting their favorite quote on their memorial with a CO2 laser engraving or creating a memorial garden in your backyard and naming it after them.

In our moments of grief, we usually think of the good memories we have of our lost loved one. Eventually, we begin to take comfort from those moments and begin the healing process. You know your loved one will always be in your heart, and you can cherish those happy memories in different ways. Here are some of the meaningful and creative things you can do to keep the memory of your loved one alive and let yourself heal.

Organize a drive or charity event

Is there an advocacy your loved one was a strong supporter of, or is there a charity organization you can help in honor of your loved one? A drive or a charity event is a great way not only to memorialize your loved one but also help those in need.

For example, if an illness was the cause of your loved one’s passing, you can organize a donation drive to help others with the condition. Even simple gifts like teddy bears for children with leukemia can bring a lot of comfort and joy, and you’ll find yourself at peace, too.

Choose or make a holiday decoration to symbolize them

It can be incredibly painful to spend the holidays without your loved one. One meaningful way to make them part of your celebration is to find or create a decorative piece that would represent them. It can be their favorite animal or something in their favorite color. Hang it on your tree or decorate your mantel with it, so that every time you look at your holiday decor, you would always remember all those happy moments you shared.

Commission an artwork

You can have a local artist make a painting, sculpture, patchwork quilt, or other art to commemorate your loved one. Some have their loved one’s portrait engraved on wood, while others even incorporate the person’s remains into artwork, like glass sculptures.

Commissioning a beautiful piece of art is a good way to remember your loved one and also support local artists. Choosing to make your loved one’s remains part of the artwork is also a way to keep him or her close to you after their passing, easing the pain of loss and bringing you closer to healing.

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