Deodorising Drawers: Don’t Let Odour Take Over

DrawerWooden furniture adds value to your rooms. With bedside cabinets, dressers, storage chests and bed headboards made of timber, your bedroom feels more relaxing.

Over time, though, you may experience problems with your drawers. The regular closing of this furniture hinders proper air circulation, which leads to the development of odour. A smelly dresser is a no-no in your home because the odour can transfer to your things.

Studies show that bacteria and mildew are two common causes of odour in NZ bedroom furniture. Clean such nuisances and disinfect or deodorise your drawers.

Type of Material

Before you start cleaning the wooden furniture, determine the type of material. Genuine wood dressers endure liquid saturation and staining, withstanding heavier sanitary treatments. Those made of generic wood, on the other hand, require gentler methods as they absorb more moisture and warp easily.

Few Reminders

Empty the drawers before cleaning. Remove the liners or paper inserts if your drawers have such, especially if the foul smell is too strong. For drawers without liners, professionals recommend vacuuming dirt particles, crumbs and other mini debris that accumulated inside. Wipe all surfaces, edges and corners with a soft and clean cloth.

Apply as little liquid as possible. Avoid using rough materials to not damage or scratch the wood finish. Scrapes in wooden surfaces can be an entry point of moisture. Use large fans to dry out the drawers completely after cleaning.

Cleaning Substances

There are three materials you can use to deodorise drawers: borax, baking soda and charcoal. All of these are often available in supermarkets and are easy to use. These natural anti-fungal deodorisers absorb odour, neutralise pH levels, disinfect surfaces and remove impurities.

Thoroughly rinse off the cleaning substances to avoid white stains and impurities on the wood. To keep your drawers smelling good for long, keep your clothes inside tidy and clean as well.

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