Drawing the Line between Estate Sales and Garage Sales

estate sales companiesWhen it comes to getting rid of some items, there are a few ways to do so that can easily bring in money. Two things come to mind when speaking of this: estate sale and garage sale. These are two ways of selling that many people in Orange County and other parts of the globe have been using interchangeably.

While the two concepts may have some similarities, like gaining profit, it’s important to draw a line between them, as they both have technical definitions that are distinct from each other.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are the complete dispersal of all the contents of the home like personal effects, antiques, artwork, and heirlooms. The sellers may also include the new or seemingly trivial items like consumer electronics and cleaning materials.

Such sales are a necessity to clear the estate, prepare the property for sale, or just tidy up for renovations and rent. The most usual reasons such sales take place include the death of a loved one, relocation, the will of the deceased, or the incapability or unwillingness of the heirs to keep the items. Other reasons include divorce and foreclosure.

Estate sales are usually formal and organized. Sellers may use the whole house as a shop where buyers can walk around and look for items that may interest them. They may even require the services of Orange County estate sale companies for the greatest amount of profit. Estate sale companies may also put the items on consignment; they may sell them through local shops and online platforms.

Garage Sales

The purpose of garage sales is to reduce the clutter in your home. The sales are not actually a real necessity, but a convenient and ingenious way to make money from your unwanted items. Commonly, the seller just looks around the house and look for things that are no longer required, but may prove useful to others.

Garage sales require little to no formality. A seller can simply organize one and just set up a flimsy shed in his garage or yard to start the sale.

The differences between the estate sales and garage sales lie in three criteria: quality, quantity, and value. The need for a company that provides estate sales services may also count as a standard.

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