Here Comes the Bed Bugs: Since When Were They Home?

Close-up View of a Bed BugBed bug infestations can pop out of nowhere. You may wake up one day with red marks on your skin and itch all over your body. At first, you might think your bed is simply full of dust, so you changed the sheets. You find out later on that the itch continues and you gain new marks on your skin every morning. Upon closer inspection, you discovered that the cause of your new allergy is from your new indoor neighbors — bed bugs.

How did this happen? What led these tiny critters to your bed and where did they come from? While you can call bed bug exterminators in Indianapolis, a better understanding of the source of the problem can prevent it from happening again.

You Might Have a Hand in It

Have you considered that you may be part of the problem? No, bed bugs do not come from your body, but you are the bridge. Bed bugs do not manually travel from house to house and choose to stay in your mattress. They travel by latching onto your clothes when you end up landing on their nest. It could be from an old cab or a theater that did not pass through health inspection. Whenever you have to sit or lie down in places that are not your home, you are opening yourself for an attack.

That Thing You Bought Last Week

If you are the type of person that sacrifices quality to get things for a lower price, you might be suffering some consequences. From used clothes and furniture to second-hand vehicles, you might be shopping for things that are infested. While there is nothing wrong with buying used items, a proper inspection can save you from all the hassle they bring. Better yet, do some cleaning before taking them inside your home.

Bed bugs happen when you are never careful with the things you interact with. Always trust in quality before any other factors sway your decision in all things.

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