Kitchen Trends: Is Your Kitchen Updated or Outdated?

kitchen designPeople say that a great kitchen sells a house. Many prioritise the design of their kitchen, as it serves more functions than any other room in the house. According to the forecast made by appliance designers and manufacturers, the kitchens of the future will be far more efficient.

Here is a closer look at the current kitchen design trends:

Glass Backsplashes

Perth kitchen glass splashbacks fittings are growing in number steadily. Before, people preferred using economical ceramic or stone tile for kitchen backsplashes. While a survey showed that glass is still the least used material for backsplashes today, many designers say that this number will only continue to increase.

Dark Finished Cabinets

Modern kitchen design materials consist of metal and glass. Designers say that dark finishes for cabinetry complements the gloss these materials produce. A sizable 58 per cent of the designers prefer to use dark finishes, quite far from the 43 per cent reported two years ago. Instead of cupboards, more experts install floor-to-ceiling walls of cabinetry.

Solid Countertops

Laminated countertops are slowly losing steam, with solid surfaces emerging as the trend. Granite and quartz remain popular, but data show that its dominance is decreasing as well. Solid surfaces will become prevalent, as these require less maintenance.

Pull-out Racks and Faucets

Most cabinets below the sink are not typically used for kitchenware storage. Designers developed a way to utilise this area by using it as a space for pull-out racks, where trash cans or electrical appliances are usually placed. Almost 93 per cent of the kitchen stylists are cutting back on designs where a separate spray is beside a faucet, as they find it more practical to integrate the units.

The future holds many promising ideas, yet functionality and efficiency should be the main concern of innovations, not the appearance.

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