Material Choices for the Perfect Kitchen Benchtop

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Kitchen Benchtop RenovationThe kitchen benchtop is an essential part of the kitchen. It speaks of both form and function, so you should consider the beauty and the durability of the materials.

Your kitchen needs to function properly, so you need to make sure everything works. Every item must be thought about carefully to keep the room’s functionality and form in good condition. One of these things is your kitchen’s benchtop.

The kitchen benchtop is an aesthetic and practical investment, making it a worthy venture whenever you are working on a kitchen improvement project. One of the things you must decide when updating the kitchen benchtop is the material. There are different benchtop materials in the market, and each one has their set of pros and cons.

Engineered Stone

Homeowners could also enjoy the beauty of stone and much of its quality at a more affordable price. Engineered stone benchtops, like Eurostone from New Zealand, are composed of crushed granite, quartz, and resin. These benchtops are made to look and feel like natural stone but at a more affordable price.

Natural Stone

This is a formidable choice for the kitchen for its unrivalled quality. It may be the more expensive choice but investing in marble, granite slab, and other natural stones are worth it.

Stainless Steel

Many kitchens for commercial use prefer to use this material because of its durability.  It is less expensive than stone and more durable than other materials.

Wood or Timber

For those who are looking for an affordable yet equally beautiful choice, timber or wood is the perfect option. You can mix and match it with different styles.

Laminate Post-formed Mater

Laminate benchtops are not very popular. Although they are budget-friendly, their durability is often questioned. But postformed laminate benchtops have now improved, with higher resistance to scratching.

Whatever material you choose, make sure to get the right one that suits your budget and home design. Consider your kitchen equipment and how much cooking you intend to do. Your kitchen benchtops are made to help you in the kitchen, so find the material that suits your style.