Raise the (Energy Efficiency of Your) Roof

An energy efficient home offers several benefits. Apart from lowering your utility bills, it can also help reduce your house’s carbon footprint. If you want to make your home energy efficient, consider starting at the top – your roof.

Single out old shingles

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Old shingles tend lose their granules and fiberglass, revealing the black asphalt or organic felt underneath. When the shingles become darker, they’ll absorb sunlight and get hot quickly. This can reduce the energy efficiency of your roof. You may choose to replace old shingles with the help of an inexpensive Bronx-based roofing contractor. Another solution is to add a coating of elastomeric paint to the aging shingles to extend their life and reduce heat absorption.

Choose a cool color

The color of your roof can make a difference. While dark colors absorb the sun’s heat, lighter colors such as beige or blue reflect it. Consider painting your roof with any cool or light color to increase its energy efficiency.

Install insulation

Roof insulation can bring more comfort and convenience during hot and cold seasons. With a well-insulated roof, you can reduce your heating and cooling needs. You can add insulation directly below the roof using spray-foam insulation. Sealing the gaps between the attic and the living area below with foam, plastic sheeting or caulk is also a great idea.

Pick the right material

Shingles are the most common choice among many homeowners, as they are durable and low-maintenance. If you’re going to use shingles, choose the type with reflective granules that reduce their heat-absorbing property.

Shakes are also viable options for your roof. Made from wood, shakes offer the natural insulation and airflow that a wood material provides. While these are high-maintenance, shakes offer excellent texture to your roof. Metal is another energy efficient material that you can use. As metals are reflective, they absorb heat less than shingles do.

An energy efficient roof can do wonders to your home. If it’s time to repair or replace the roofing of your home, consider improving your roof’s energy efficiency as well. Before calling an expert roofing service provider in Bronx, though, make sure that you’ve decided on the enhancements that you want to make.

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