Rising Above the Storm: Lessons on Hurricane Sandy

Reliable RoofingHurricanes Sandy and Katrina are major evidences that the United States is at risk to the devastating effects of natural calamities. In fact, they have even highlighted how vulnerable people are to these events. They can glean, however, some important insights on proper emergency preparations.

Back to Basics

New York City was one of the heavily affected by the recent hurricane. Sandy flooded the subway system, flooded many suburban communities, and blocked road tunnels to Manhattan. The hurricane also forced many financial institutions to stop operations for two days. Across the city, the devastation was compounded by the loss of electricity.

In the wake of Sandy, large parts of the city, including Manhattan, lost electricity for two days. This was the cause of unrest for some of the residents. The tight competition for gasoline supply made fuel a part of the growing frustration among the 2.2 million affected by this lengthy power outage.

Without a proper roof over their head and no electricity to power their remaining properties, American families soon learned how to go back to basics. The event gave a valuable lesson on living simply and doing away with the excesses.

Rebuilding Process

The calamity prompted many American families to change their emergency preparations, starting with their homes. Many houses became victims to poor roofing materials and architectural stability. Now, they can find reliable roofing service providers in Brooklyn that can fortify their roof integrity.

On the other hand, the flooding in advertently paved the way for more high-rise house constructions in the city. Bunkers were simply not enough of a shelter for different kinds of severe weather disturbances. Piping and drainage systems were also improved to accommodate larger volumes of floodwater. Proper roofing installation and drainage pipes can mean the difference of a stable home.

New York residents have also experienced reconstruction of a different kind. The outpour of help from locals and foreign aids has exemplified how the strongest also need support. It is in this rare moment that people learn the importance of camaraderie in community building.

Hurricane Sandy may now be a thing of the past, but it has left an indelible mark to many American residents. Visit websites to learn more about better construction materials that can stand natural calamities.

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