The Basics of Magnetic Centrifugal Pumps

Man installing pumpMechanical pumps have become indispensable in today’s technology-driven society. These pieces of equipment are used in a wide array of applications including, but not limited to, civil construction, mining and quarries, and industrial settings. They also come in different variants, such as long-coupled centrifugal pumps, close-coupled centrifugal pumps, straight centrifugal pumps, self-priming centrifugal pumps, and magnetic centrifugal pumps, which happen to be the focus of this article.

If you are currently in the market for mechanical pumps, here is your guide on one of its most popular type: magnetic centrifugal pumps.

How it Works

This is what separates magnetic centrifugal pumps from other pump variants: instead of using electricity supplied by an outside source, it ispowered by the science of magnetism. These pumps function by using individual magnets as a rotating magnetic field, which, in turn, powers an enclosed rotating impeller. Magnetic drive pumps are quite reliable in rotating all sorts of fluid, such as water, oils, and even acids. Since these pumps are not equipped with a mechanical seal, the probability of leakage is considerably reduced, but that is just one of their many advantages.

Advantages of Magnetic Pumps

The two most obvious advantages of magnetic centrifugal pumps include energy-efficiency (considering it does not require to be plugged into a source of electricity) and reduced risk of overheating (due to its lack of obstruction by way of a mechanical seal). While they are most favoured in industrial, agricultural, and municipal applications, where transmitted fluids are normally clear with little to no amount of solids, some heavy-duty variants of magnetic centrifugal pumps have been equipped with improved capacity for handling fluids with prominent viscosity.

When purchasing pumps, the first consideration you ought to make is usage. These products are not created equal. For instance, if your need leans toward clear fluids, then magnetic centrifugal pumps could be right for you.

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