Why You Should Consider Using a Portable Shelter

Large outdoor tentSometimes, permanent structures are not suitable for commerce or industry. Temporary structures provide strong and durable shelter for short-term purposes, such as events, shelter for farming or construction equipment and temporary storage.

Temporary shelters come in different sizes and materials, including fabric structures produced by reputable manufacturers such as DomeShelter Australia, who offer advice and assistance in installation.


Fabric covered shelters can be used for many purposes; examples include:

  • Vehicle storage ‒ these can be for field equipment, trucks, tractors, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment.
  • Produce and grain ‒ for field storage, prior to transporting them to warehouse silos.
  • Garage ‒ a field garage can be easily setup where equipment can be stored and vehicles kept and maintained.


As a temporary shelter or storage, the benefits of a fabric covered dome include:

  • Rapid setup and installation. For a temporary structure, one feature which users want to see is ease of installation. The whole structure should be up and in use in the shortest amount of time. Without the need for a concrete foundation, the fabric dome can be set up in as short as a few hours. In contrast, digging a hole for the foundation, filling it up with concrete, and then waiting for it to dry can take as much as 3 weeks, before you can put up the roof.
  • Strength and durability. The fabric material used as the cover can withstand extreme and diverse weather conditions. The whole structure also weighs less than a quarter of a comparable metal or galvanized steel structure. The structure must also be strong enough to comply with government standards for temporary shelters.
  • Portable. One reason it is easy to setup is due to the technology used to install it. Another reason is the lightweight material. When it is important to be able to pull up stakes at a moment’s notice, and then erect the structure immediately, dome shelters are the first choice.

Although they look like oversized tents, these structures can accommodate the same amenities as permanent structures, including air conditioning and other building services. Easy to build, these structures are vital for a mobile work area.

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